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Things To Do In Mumbai

There are many things to do in Mumbai while being in India. Its nightlife, nature attractions and food variations make it a unique destination. Additionally, Mumbai markets, from the famous Chor Bazaar (thieves’ market) to the historic Crawford Market, are among the finest in India. Read and discover reasons to visit Mumbai!

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Mumbai, once in the past known as Bombay, is the waterfront capital of Maharashtra state in west-focal India. It's the nation's money related and business capital and its chief port on the Arabian Sea. With an expected populace surpassing 12 million, it's the most crowded city in India that is home to a portion of the nation's most extravagant neighborhoods and it's greatest ghettos. it's ideal to visit Mumbai around mid-October till February when the climate is perfect... Here is a list of the top ten things to do in Mumbai.


5 Things to do in Mumbai at Night


Without a doubt, Mumbai is among the top cities for those who want to experience India’s vibrant urban nightlife. The city that never sleeps has something to offer everyone, from clubs and lounges to underground music venues. The nightlife in Mumbai is very exceptional that visitors fall in love with it. One of the best things is that there is no specific good time to visit the city to experience the nightlife.

Here are some of the places to experience the magnificent nightlife of Mumbai. If you want to hang out alone or with friends


1- Night Stroll on Marine Drive 
The easygoing nightlife of Mumbai wakes up at Marine Drive post 6 pm. Sitting on the chunks, looking at the sparkling Mumbai cityscape approaching over the ocean is an entirely essential issue. Come here to observe the twinkling lights of the city Nip into the Bade Miyan café in Colaba for a delectable tikka or roll, trailed by a decent night's rest at one of these lodgings in Colaba. 

2- Pao Bhaji at Chowpatty 

You knew this was coming, isn't that right? For how could a rundown of the top 10 activities in Mumbai exclude the popular passages of Chowpatty? One could create a piece about the famous Pao Bhaji served at Sukh Sagar eatery close Chowpatty seashore. The Vada Pao at the encompassing eateries is almost as wonderful. One tip, however – overlook your eating routine related doubts at home/lodging when you come here. There you have it – that is my rundown on Mumbai. Furthermore, indeed, I'm certain I've passed up a huge amount of stuff. Be a decent peruser and call attention to them, will you? The remarks area underneath won't simply fill itself.


3- Trilogy in Juhu

is one of the top nightclubs in Mumbai, located in Juhu’s Hotel Sea Princess. It is a popular attraction for its red coaches and its long wooden bar, along with exotic cocktails and wines.


4- Blue Frog

located in Lower Parel. It revolutionized the concept of live music in the city. This club is a hub for celebrities. The place has an egg-shaped seating arrangement, besides great food, drinks, and high-profile visitors.


5- Catch a Play at Prithvi Theatre
Formed in 1978 by Shashi Kapoor in the memory of his dad and amazing Bollywood star, Prithviraj Kapoor, the Prithvi Theater is the most eminent venue for the performing expressions in Mumbai. The Theater belts out around 550 shows every year, with exhibitions from Tuesday through Sunday. Subsequent to watching a play, you can chill at the Prithvi Café, whose Irish espresso and mouth-watering samosas come particularly recommended.


Best Parks & Nature attractions in Mumbai


1- The Sanjay Gandhi National Park

is rich with flora and fauna. Besides being a resident tiger population, the park is home to a large variety of birds, butterflies, and deer. The park is also ideal for trekking, biking, hiking and meditating. The Kanheri Caves sit in the park and are a must-see attraction. Additionally, there is Madh Island, famous for its beachside villages and parties. Locals go there when they want to escape to the beach.

The shores are surrounded by mangroves, giving the island a rural feel. One can relax at Aksa Beach, wander through the local fishing villages or admire the architecture of the historic Madh Fort. There is also Elephanta island, known for its caves, where lots of local families head for a relaxing picnic.


2- Take the Kids to Imagica 

Touted as South Asia's biggest beguilement amusement park, Imagica helps one to remember Disneyland to some degree. In any case, that examination closes once you attempt a portion of its quirkier rides, similar to Mr. India (given the film), where you pursue the malice Mogambo in a vehicle that swerves, plunges and takes off to make for one powerful experience. Huge, upside-down rollercoaster’s like the Scream Machine do equity to their names, while a lot of diners are set up over the rambling 110-section of the land park. A useful bit of advice: consider eating after the rides to keep away from, hot related setbacks.



Top Local dishes Must try in Mumbai


Food people would find Mumbai really awesome, as its culinary scene is vast and diverse. The city offers different types of food from historic restaurants that serve kebabs to the South Indian restaurants. Mumbai food experience makes the city a must-visit place for any foodie, for its Parsi Cafes and vada pav stalls.


1- Fish at Trishna or Gajalee 
Coming back from a Mumbai trip without gorging on its fish ought to be condemned. A few well-known cafés and fish joints serve new catch for their crowds of supporters. No discussion on Mumbai fish is finished without Trishna and Gajalee. Trishna is a major draw with worldwide explorers and local people the same, on account of its Garlic-margarine crabs and Koliwadi prawns. Gajalee has ventured into an establishment, yet you should, in any case, discover your feet to the mother ship at Ville Parle for the extravagant Tandoori crab served there. As the Global Citizen India show begins at 4:00 pm, it is a smart thought to snatch a substantial lunch and afterward head for a wonderful night with exhibitions by Coldplay, Jay Z, A R Rahman, Arijit Singh, and different entertainers. 


2- Take a Ride in the Local Train 
Conveying up to 8 million travelers for each day, the Mumbai neighborhood is the city's significant vehicle course. Stuffy, boisterous and swarmed; one has just to board one of these 'local people' to watch the city meet up. A famous saying goes, "If you haven't gone on a neighborhood, you haven't seen Mumbai yet."

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Best Street Markets in Mumbai


Mumbai’s markets are among the finest in India and they worth visiting. Mumbai has plenty of markets, from the famous Chor Bazaar to the historic Crawford Market. Whether visitors want to purchase antiques, souvenirs, clothing or spices, Mumbai has markets for their needs.


- Road Shopping: Colaba Causeway, Fashion Street, Linking Road 
On the off chance that there's a liberal blend of shopaholism and deal chasing in your blood, road shopping in Mumbai won't frustrate. An incredible spot to begin is the Colaba Causeway, where you get truly everything from books and handiworks to collectibles, gems, and garments. Hit the Leopold Café a while later for a merited tidbit break. Or then again you could look at Fashion Street, a famous frequent of undergrads since, well, design. Connecting Road is the place East meets West, hipster meets chique and KFC meets Jai Jawan kebab slow down.