Valley of Flowers National Park

Important information about the Valley of flowers in India


  • Best time to visit: July and August 
  • The location: In the Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand. 
  • Discovered: in 1931
  • National Park declaration: it had been declared as parkland in 1982. 
  • Hotels to stay in: Meconopsis betonicifolia Resorts in Auli and Poppy Swiss Cottage camps. 
  • Entry Fee: 150 Indian Rupees for Indians and Rs. 650 For non-Indians (Foreigners)
  • Entry Timings: from 7 am to 5 pm 
  • Opening Date every year: 1st of June 
  • Closing Date every year: 4th of October 
  • The time needed for Valley of flowers trek: 7 days.


Valley of Flowers is located near Badrinath (in Chamoli district ) of Uttarakhand, around 300 km to the north of Rishikesh. this is often a picturesque park, gracing the wonder of Western Himalayas. This marvelous place was found in 1931 and maybe a World Heritage Site for its wild, natural and untamed blossoms surrounded by white mountains and peaks.


The Valley of Flowers trek is one in every of India’s hottest treks within the Himalayas. people that haven’t even moved within the Himalayas, have known about the Valley of Flowers trek. But there's a solid reason behind Valley Of Flower’s legendary popularity, it's one amongst India’s oldest known treks.

What you will love about Valley Of Flowers Trek

The most significant reason to fancy and remember the trek is that the beautiful valley itself. once you reach the entry of the valley you see before you a vibrant carpet placed out. The valley is a minimum of a pair of kilometers wide and over 10 kilometers long.


ahead of me was the carpet with waves of pinks, blues, and yellows flowing together with the breadth and width. A small path in between the flowers invites you to travel deeper and deeper. You now start seeing a range of flowers. Not only in colors but in shapes, sizes, textures, and smell. some tens of steps bring you to a completely new sort of flowers.


You wonder who got them here. What made the variability change? it absolutely was also interesting to work out the large fauna change together with the changing flora. You will stand by the flowers, sit down beside them, lie down on the tiny exposed trail trying to immerse yourself and feel a component of the number of flowers within the valley.


The cool mountain flurry coming from the cold end of the valley brought with it scents that I had never known before.


The climb to Hemkund Sahib


Valley Of Flowers could be a moderate trek but the climb to Hemkund challenges you on the subsequent level. In 6 km you gain almost 4,000 ft. This not only introduces a brand new challenge, but it also takes you to a scenic zone that you just didn't expect.


You will love the entry into the mountainous zone while climbing up to Hemkund. You almost get an idler or helicopter view of Ghangaria. you'll be able to see where you came from and where you went the previous day. A bird’s-eye view puts in most perspective even to landscape scenery.


The cultural experience you will get there


This national park isn't just a trek. together with a trek to the gorgeous valley, it shows you an unbelievable journey of religion undertaken by humans. You see children, middle-aged, old people, children, toddlers on this incredible climb to the lake at 14,000 feet.


Many take the support of ponies or maybe porters but quite a few of them jump on their own might. It was heartwarming to work out volunteers sweeping every section of the trail to stay clean and dealing at Hemkund Sahib Gurdwara in freezing temperatures. It absolutely was a beautiful feeling to come to life in Ghangria at dawn to the parade calls of the Sikh Gurudwara. The trek shows you a world you'd hardly see otherwise.


Best places to stay at the Valley of Flowers, India


Valley of Flowers doesn't offer accommodation amenities inside the park. Hotels and lodges are found at Ghangaria. Budget hotels at Ghangaria cost around Rs 1500. you'll also find hostels in Ghangaria.

Best places to eat in


The park doesn't offer any options to eat. it's advisable to hold enough food to last through your trek. Ghangaria is where one can find restaurants and hotels.

Best time to visit the Valley of Flowers


The most suitable time to go to the Valley of flowers is additionally specified. The Valley of Flowers presents a unique look day by day when it becomes accessible from May to September. There aren't any human villages inside the park and grazing has been completely forbidden.


The Valley is accessible from the last week of May after the snow melts. After the snow melts and therefore the monsoons begin, the plants begin to bloom in July and August. In September, the plant’s steel onself for over eight-months of hibernation. By the tip of September, the valley is again carpeted under the snow.

Opening and closing timings of the valley


Valley of flowers opens at 7:00 am daily and hence the last entry is allowed till 2:00 pm. You would like to begin out of the valley by 5 pm and be at the entry gate at 6.45 so on get your entrance ticket quickly and enter by 7.00 am. Your return trek should start at 1.30 pm so on the reach back by 5.00 pm. 

Valley of Flowers may be a vibrant and splendid park reposing in West Himalayas, so it’s considered one in all the simplest attractions in India. Plan your next trip to India and luxuriate in this amazing Park!

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