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The Soul of Incredible India: Orissa

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Odisha is the land of fields and palm-fringed silver beaches, churches, rivers, waterfalls, and group people, is filled with major attractions like the temples of Bhubaneshwar and Puri, distances of unpolluted beaches and also the magnificent Sun Temple of Konark. Odisha, the state with an excellent history, is stuffed with nature and adventure. Populated by common people, the not so developed state of Odisha must be visited to maintain the experience of the myriad wonders it's future for everyone.


Also called the soul of India, Odisha could be a spot where you'll be able to relax on the beaches, visit the famous temples and explore the generosity and bounty of nature and wildlife. you'll be able to also find several monuments which gloriously stand to tell you of the history of the land.


Odisha's art and culture, festivals, and fairs, dances, and music are a treat for the tourists who like to see colors and need to enjoy life to the absolute. Visit the soul state of India and are available back with a bag stuffed with memories that will remain etched in your mind for an extended time. 


Orissa Tourism


Odisha, the eastern coast of the Indian state is well-known to the world for its vibrant traditions and culture. Gaining recognition as a pilgrimage destination. Today Odisha becomes one in every of the key cosmopolitan centers of eastern India. Orissa tour includes Culture, Art, Craft, Tradition, Festival together with touring and sightseeing allow you to feel the lifetime of Odisha.


Odisha Tourism includes a big selection of tour packages not only to determine and learn new things in Odisha but also to enjoy your holidays with these packages. Your visit will include visiting Tribal, Wildlife tour, Golden Triangle tour, Dimond tour to Buddhist places, and Temple visits. Beach journey and lots of more including customized solutions. Be ready to explore the real beauty of this beautiful state Odisha.

Top Places to Visit in Odisha


  • Jagannath Dham, Puri: Puri is counted mutually of the foremost sacred destination of Hindus due to Jagannath Temple, which is understood as the fourth Dham. The majestic temple is the prime attraction and reason for many visits. Puri temple and it's festivals like Car festival drags world over Tourists and Travelers to indicate their presence throughout the year. Enjoy a comfortable environment together with good times at natural beaches and other in and around attractions of Puri.


  • Temple City, Bhubaneswar: The name supported Lord Shiva, Tribhubaneswara, Bhubaneswar is that the capital of Odisha. And is additionally called Temple city and Smart city. Hub to several temples, Bhubaneswar could be a planned modern smart city that has wide Roads, Beautiful Gardens, and Parks. Odisha Tourism includes attractions like Nandankanan zoological park, Dhauli, Udayagiri, Khandagiri, all century-old temples, and lots of more. At this smart city you may find ample of entertainment solutions to maximize your holiday enjoyment.


  • Nandankanan Zoo: Nandankanan which literally means the “Garden of Pleasure” is that the Zoological Park, nicknamed Garden of God, is found on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. together with watching different species the special attractions here are the Bear Safari, Lion Safari, and a novel White Tiger Safari. After going around the zoo, take a ship ride in Kanjia Lake, a wetland of national importance located along the Nandankanan Zoological Park, or visit the State installation on the alternative side of the lake.


  • Diamond Triangle of Odisha – Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri & Udayagiri: Diamond Triangle of Odisha comprising of three places, called Ratnagiri, Udayagiri & Lalitgiri. The diamond triangle name doesn't bear thanks to their location which could be a perfect triangular pattern but due to the origin of the Vajrayana sect of Buddhism. All the three places were hub of monasteries of Buddhism as mentioned by the 7th-century traveler Huen Tsang. He described about the famous university of Pushpagiri which was at par with the colleges of Nalanda, Taxila, and Vikramshila of the then period.


  • Chilika Lake: Chilika is that the greatest private saltwater lake in Asia and have become the heaven on earth for bird spectators and nature admirers. The lake also acts collectively of the foremost supportive ecosystems within the name of Chilika Lake Sanctuary. it's the biggest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian sub-continent. Chilika is legendary for Boating, Fishing, and popular picnic spot for locals residing around Chilika. Another major attraction at Chilika is Irrawaddy dolphins.


Climate in Orissa 


Odisha is found in an exceedingly climatic region called tropical wet-dry (or tropical savanna). In January, the best month, high temperatures in Cuttack typically rise into the mid-80s F (about 30 °C) from an occasional within the mid-50s F (low 10s C). In May, the warmest month, temperatures usually reach the mid-90s F (mid-30s C) from a coffee within the low 70s F (low 20s C).

Group vacations in India can get very exciting and breathtaking, especially if you're traveling with your family. Despite, Orissa is one of the safest places where you travel to India with your kids because it is quite a comfortable holiday destination.