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Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort is an architectural wonder, besides being associated with diverse history and cultural heritage. The fort is considered one of the breathtaking forts in the state of Rajasthan. 

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Mehrangarh Fort is an architectural wonder, besides being associated with diverse history and cultural heritage. The fort is considered one of the breathtaking forts in the state of Rajasthan. Mehrangarh castle, situated in Jodhpur, be probably the biggest fort inside India.


Work was done here Rao Jodha route around 1459, and arrangements have been made to strengthen the city at a distance of 410 feet. Surrounded by its boundaries, some of the present-day castles have remote locations to acknowledge their unexpected desire. A zig zag signifies as the city begins to descend. On one side of the stronghold is the Ketri Singh Soda Umbrella, a warrior that knocks it over the safety of Mehrangarh. The name of the Mehrangarh fort is derived Mehr-Garh: Mehr means the sun and Garh means fort. Mehr-Garh came to be known as Mehrangarh due to the pronunciation of the local language.


Inside Mehrangarh Fort, the historic center is a well-furnished galleries shop in Rajasthan. The stronghold of the interior is the stronghold of the ghetto, a rickshaw in the present era, and curate by the County Expand, which has fought against the ruler of Gujarat. The historical center shows legacies about rituals, visas, costumes, fine arts and a rich era. The fort located in Mehrangarh is a great museum of Rajasthan. In single part of the castle museum, here is a assortment of old royal palaces, as well as the wide dome gild mahdol palki which be fought in 1730 by the governor of Gujarat. The museum is exhibit of arms, costumes, and heritage of the Rathore. , Paintings and decorated periods.

Mehrangarh Fort

Historical Events


Rao Jodha's unbeaten defeat of the Rathra tribe is acknowledging as the birthplace of Jodahpur in India. He established Jodhapur as the center of Marwad. He be about an average of 24 children individually and became the Fifth Rethrosladder. This section of the post, however, has been raised in relation to entry routes. The majority observed on entry routes are: Jay Paul and Maharaja Man Singh praised the conquest of property in Jaipur and Bikaner in 1806. In 1707, Victory Pool, more than the Mughals, worked towards praise. Deadcagra Pool still has the marks of assault by artillery. The Iron Pool is the last entrance too many of the bastions of the fort. Immediately on one side are the impressions of the rains, which burnt themselves in the fire of the memorial service of their important Maharaja Man Singh in 1843.

Mehrangarh Fort

National Geological Monument


The royal palaces inside the strong fort are very nice and beautiful. These include, pearl palace, glass palace (mirror palace), staircase and wealth house. The historic center houses a collection of hoods, lingerie, royal helpers, small appliances, equipments, carvings and furniture. The barricades of the castle house guard the ancient gun, and offer amazing views over the city. The Jodhpur group on which the Mehrangarh Fort has been developed on a large scale has been termed as a National Geological Definition by Geological Studies India to support eco-tourism in the nation. One of the geographical elements is a fragment of the Maddening group found in the Tordest district, with an area of ​​43,500 km2. This novel significantly speaks of the last period of the melting action of the Pyramid Stage in the Pacific and subcontinent.

Mehrangarh Fort
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The Mataji Temple


Chamunda Mataji Rao was the beloved idol of Jodha, who bring her statue in 1460 from the older center of Mandor and installed it in Mehrangarh. Mataji be the Kol Deo of ruling ruler of Chamunda Mandor. She was goddess of the royal family and Asht. otherwise have adopt a deity and the majority of the people of Jodhapur have also worshiped her.

Rao Jodha Desert Park


The Rao Dessert Desert Rock Park, adjacent to the Mehrangarh Fort, covers more than 177,916 acres. The recreation center covers naturally resettled desert and dehydrated plants. The rehabilitation center was built in 2006 to try to restore the standard of a large, corrupt zone and, under its auspices, was opened to the general population in February 2011. The volcanic rocks in the center and in the vicinity of the rehabilitation center have unclear progress, for example, Rawlite and Bracia, the arrangement of the artwork. The rehabilitation center connects the guest center with a clearance gallery, local plant nursery, small mansion, and bistro.

How to Reach the Fort


To reach the fort, one has to go through its seven gates. Each gate of the seven is made by a different ruler, in honour of victory over Bikaner and Jaipur armies. The gates still have the marks of the battles fought in the bygone era. The second gate of the fort has the mark of a canon ball, as a result of attacking armies of Jaipur during wars. One of the other gates is called Jayapol which means victory and it was built by Maharaja Man Singh, celebrating his victories over Jaipur and Bikaner armies. Another gate is called Fattehpol which again means victory. It was built by Maharaja Ajit, celebrating defeating the Mughals.



The castle houses the folk musicians on the doorstep and houses in museums, restaurants, exhibitions and craft markets, along with Disney's 1994 real to life motion picture The Jungle Book, just as the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises. Head photography for the last started on May 6, 2011. The Emraan Hashmi starrer Avaran was likewise shot here. In 2015, the palace used to record a collection with the assistance of performers Including Israeli author Shey Ben Zor, English writer and radio head guitarist Jonny Greenwood, and radio head maker Nigel Godrich. The chronicle was the subject of June, a narrative by American chief Paul Thomas Anderson. In March 2018, the film group of the lemon Bollywood film Thugs of India utilized the château as one of its shooting areas. 15 entertainers Amitabh Bachchan left an intelligent post about his experience on his official blog.