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Alleppey is a beautiful coastal district in Kerala. known as the Venice of the East, Alleppey is famous for many reasons like its combination of lakes, lagoons, narrow lakes, coconut palms, rivers and paddy fields.

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Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is a beautiful coastal district in Kerala built in the 19th century. known as the Venice of the East, Alleppey has always been an important place in the maritime history of Kerala. Alleppey is famous for many reasons like its combination of lakes, lagoons, narrow lakes, coconut palms, rivers and paddy fields.

Previously, Alleppey and the nearby areas were wetlands. The Maharaja of erstwhile Travancore state gave permission to reclaim these wetlands, converting them into paddy fields due to the need of local people for rice. When the lake of Vembanad were reclaimed, many canals and rivers were formed. Thus the legacy of Alleppey district is small and big canals, paddy fields, lagoons and a variety of birds.

One can experience Alleppey in many ways. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset along with the district’s white sand and freshwater lakes. The beach is a perfect place for pleasurable beach holidays. Alleppey beach is a famous picnic spot. The city is also known for its boats races, backwater holidays, beaches and marine products. The entertainment facilities at the Vijaya Beach Park make the beach more special. As it is constructed for entertainment purpose of families, the Vijaya Beach Park offers facilities like swimming pool, toy train and bicycle ride. There is another park, known as the Sea View Park, which has boating facilities. Visitors can also see the old lighthouse by the beach. There are ruined remains of old godowns, Bishop’s house, a temple facing the beach, and Indian coffee house and St Xaviers Chapel.

Another amazing experience is going through the small canals and rivers by any means of water transport. First, the houseboat cruise. The houseboats are in a fact a reworked version of the Kettuvallams of olden times, which was boats that cover over wooden hulls and was used in the old days to carry tons of rice and spices. Later, houseboats have come equipped with all the good facilities including bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony. It is the most attractive and relaxing way of exploring Alleppey is by Houseboat. Spending 2 to 3 days in a houseboat can cover the most beautiful canals of Alleppey.

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Visitors can also explore Alleppey by a Motor Boat. It is a small or big type of boats that can accommodate 10 to 100 people depending on the size of the boat. There is also a Shikkara or the wooden country boat which is powered by diesel engine. The Shikkara can accommodate 2 to 8 adults. Lastly, there is Kerala Govt Water Transport Service Boats, which is run by Govt of Kerala Water Transport Department to connect different islands for local people. It is a good choice for a low-budget travel.

The climate of Alleppey is basically hot throughout the year. However, it is a little cool in the months of October to March. Thus, the ideal time to visit the city is between October to March. In summer, the maximum temperature is 35 degrees, whereas in winter it is 22 degrees. The city receives 254 cm rainfall every year.