Places to visit in Mahabalipuram

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Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram may be a historic city and UNESCO World Heritage site in Madras, India. Between the 3rd century BC and 7th century BC, During the reign of the Pallava dynasty, it became a very famous center of art, design, architecture, and literature.


Mahabalipuram was already a thriving seaport on the Bay of Bengal before now. A significant amount of coins and other artifacts excavated from this area also show a pre-existing trade and business relationship with the Romans even before it became a part of the Pallava Empire.


Mahabalipuram History


Popular for its intricately sculpted temples and rock-cut caves, Mahabalipuram famously knew, might be a historically valuable and well-loved tourist location situated on the Coromandel Coast in India along the Bay of Bengal, within the state of Madras.


Once the house of the famous demon king Mahabali, Mahabalipuram was later recalled Mamallapuram. The peace, the alluring atmosphere, the natural environment, and also the dramatic setting with many beautiful white sandy beaches dotted with casuarina trees are all purposes and motives why one would want to travel to the present excellent town.


Some famous tourist spots include the UNESCO world heritage site Group of Monuments a bit like the Shore Temple and so the Five Rathas, the Crocodile Bank which is home to some exquisite species of crocodiles and alligators, and so the beach resorts in Kovalam and Sadras. Best places to travel to in Mahabalipuram are:


Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram 


Constructed through the 7th century, Shore Temple is one of the oldest South Indian temples built within the Dravidian style and represents the royal taste of the Pallava family. The work of the temple has been recorded among the planet Heritage Sites by UNESCO. it's found in Mahabalipuram and is one amongst the leading photographed monuments in India lies on the banks of Bay of Bengal.


Mahabalipuram Beach, Mahabalipuram 


Also referred to as Mamallapuram by locals, the Mahabalipuram Beach is situated at a distance of 58 km from the Chennai city in the state. The beach locates on the shore of Bay of Bengal and covers some rock-cut sculptures and carvings which are pleasing to the eyes.


It's also famous for caves, massive Rathas, chariots and temples which provide a good spot for a holiday. The Mahabalipuram beach could be an ideal place to relax and gives yourself an opportunity from the deadlines and work pressure on every day. People from near and much flock to the beach especially to enjoy the natural sunbathing offered by the beach. The windsurfers and swimming lovers are sure to have a tremendous time at the beach for they're seen doing just that on the shores of the beach. 


Alamparai Fort, Mahabalipuram 


Many don't know the importance of the captivating fort as this long-forgotten retail store is spoken about quite infrequently. In fact, the fort was listed within the International Tourism Fair in Berlin mutually of the twenty lesser-known tourist attractions in the state by The state Tourism Development Corporation.


Irrespective of what the current condition of the Alamparai fort is, the view is bound to require your breath away. As you lead across the enthralling citadel, you will find exceptional marks of life within the kind of plants, vines, hedges, and trees even on the walls. It almost feels like they're supporting those parts of the structure and help them stand strong even today.


Five Rathas, Mahabalipuram 


The Five Rathas, also called Panch Rathas, could be an exemplary set of rock temples. they're unique samples of the development of Dravidian style architecture. These temples are in-built the identical shape as pagodas and greatly resemble Buddhist shrines and monasteries.


The Rathas is related to the nice epic Mahabharata. the primary Rathas that's located right by the doorway gate is Draupadi's Ratha. it's shaped sort of a hut and is devoted to the goddess Durga. Next comes Arjuna's Rath. This one includes a small portico and carved pillar stones and is devoted to Lord Shiva.


There are not any carvings inside this temple, but many are on the skin. Directly before of Arjuna's Rath is that the Nakula Sahadev Rath. This Rathas has some enormous elephant sculptures incorporated that are a large draw for the Five Rathas. it's dedicated to the God of Rain, Lord Indra. The Bhima Rath is big.


Mahabalipuram may be a town mostly known for its shore temples which were constructed by Rajasimha, the king of Pallavas in yesteryear. Consequently, the unique location of the beach between the rocks and lagoon makes it a perfect blend of history, tourism, and beaches, ideal for vacation!