Hampi Tourism Guide

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The Marvelous ruins of Hampi one of the best attractions in India, spot on an unexpected landscape that has attracted travelers for hundreds of years. rounds of giant rocks land precariously over kilometers of dancing area, their soft colors offset by jade-green palm forests, banana plants, and paddy terrains. 
While it’s possible to work out this World Heritage Site during a day or two, plan on procrastinating for ages. The main travelers’ city has traditionally been Hampi Bazaar, a village filled with budget hotels, shops, and Indian restaurants, and overlooked over by the majestic Virupaksha Temple. 
Tranquil Virupapur Gaddi, across the river, has become a well-liked hang-out. However, recent explosions in both areas have seen businesses closed. Direct daily flights to Jindal Vijaynagar Airport, 35km south of the ruins, mean that Hampi has never been more accessible.

Hampi Tourism

Hampi, the town of ruins, Located within the veiled depth of hills and valleys within the state of Karnataka, this place could be a historical joy for travelers. 
Surrounded by 500 ancient masterpieces and monuments, beautiful temples, bustling street markets, bastions, safe building, and captivating remains of the Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi may be a backpacker's pleasure.


Hampi is an open museum with 100+ locations to explore and a favorite thanks to seeing the town from the angle of its history. Hampi was the center of the Vijayanagar empire around 1500 AD, and by some stories, the second-largest city within the world at that point. 


Over the following centuries, it fell out of importance, and now you'll be able to explore the ruins of plenty of temples and other structures displayed over an unlimited area. The area around Hampi is as mysterious because the ruins itself, the town is enclosed by rocks of different sizes, and you'll climb to the highest of them with a touch effort to induce a shocking view of the whole city and also the geography. 


It's found on the shores of the Tungabhadra River. Famed for its huge, magnificently carved temples, particularly the Virupaksha Temple, blessed to the patron god of the empire. you'll also find remains of the old culverts, canals, and military barracks and stables here. 




Hampi is found within the central a part of} Karnataka within the southern part of India. it's 353 km from Bangalore, and 13 km from Hospet. it's located on top of the rugged terrain and is 467 m above water level. 
Tungabhadra River flows through Hampi. it's a tropical climate with hot summers (April-June), and funky winters (October-February). It encounters the southwestern rains from June to August.

Tourist Attractions


  • Virupaksha Temple, Hampi: The Virupaksha temple (or Prasanna Virupaksha temple) is found on the banks of the Tungabhadra river at Hampi. Built during the 7th century, the gorgeous architecture and history of the temple have made it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The temple is abode to at least one of the varieties of Lord Shiva called Lord Virupaksha. While it's located at present-day Hampi, it absolutely was once a smaller shrine within the middle of the traditional and majestic Vijayanagara empire. You may find beautiful stone inscriptions dating back to the 7th century on the walls of the temple as proof of its rich heritage. Architecture-lovers and history-buffs, do visit the temple after you are in Hampi!


  • Lotus Palace: The Lotus Palace in Hampi is one in all the foremost iconic landmarks within the town. Called so for the way the construction seems like a lotus in flower, this palace was the chosen area for the royal women of the Vijayanagara Empire and is found within the Zenana Enclosure. Known widely together of the few edifices in Hampi that wasn't lost either to the Mughal raids of the town or to the ravages of your time, the Lotus Mahal stands tall in its courtyard.


  • Hampi Bazaar: Also referred to as the Virupaksha Bazaar, the Hampi Bazaar is that the place to travel to choose up knick-knacks, souvenirs, cheap clothes, and trinkets to recollect your trip to Hampi by. Located right ahead of Virupaksha temple, away from its other name, this bazaar which extends for over a kilometer long is one in every of the most landmarks of Hampi. From embroidered shawls, fiber handicrafts, to stone carvings, this is often the place to select up anything Hampi-related. The Hampi Utsav which happens every November is additionally a giant tourist draw and may be noted. 


  • Hippie Island: Most tourists visit the south of Tungabhadra where most of the ruins are located, some fancy the north shores which have a lively hippie culture. Virapapur Gadde or Hippie Island could be a small island situated across the Tungabhadra river. It takes 5 minutes to visit the island via coracle or boat. The last boat for the island leaves at 5.30 pm. The backpacker's happiness, Hippie Island (Virupapur Gadde) is an essence of spectacular beauty and is known for laidback ambient and homes and Indian customs. It has cabins and cafes which operate from October end to mid-March. They serve awesome food together with chilled beer, and most of those have an excellent view of either the river or the attractive rice fields. Plenty of those cafes also function guest houses and you'll be able to get simple rooms here at cheap rates. faraway from the luxurious life, living in small huts, savoring the taste of both Indian and Western cuisine, and lying on the banks of the river you may definitely develop affection for the place.


How to Reach to Hampi


By Railway:
Hampi doesn't have a railroad terminal. the closest railhead is at Hospet, which is 13 km from the ruins of Hampi. Travelers use Hospet as a seat to start their journey to Hampi.

By Bus:
The prime bus station in Hampi is located in the Hampi Bazaar area.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Hampi is from October to March.
Hampi, a village and a temple town in Karnataka is one of the most historically rich places in India. Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Group of monuments at Hampi, this city was also at one point one of the richest cities in the world when it was at its peak. Once you visit India, be sure to visit Hampi and never miss this spectacular city and its wonderful attractions.