Visakhapatnam Travel Guide

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Known as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’, Visakhapatnam or Vizag may be a tourist’s paradise. Flanked by lush greenery and pristine shoreline, Visakhapatnam, aka Vizag is a perfect choice for travelers seeking a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea. 

Sparkling blue-turquoise waters, picturesque coastline, and also the unending horizon dotted with a ship here and there highlight the allure of Visakhapatnam as a beach getaway.

But that’s not all! the wonder of this port city also lies within the actual fact that it's a vibe of its own. So, whether you're going to spend an activity-filled day on the shore or looking forward to some relaxed moments overlooking the vast Bay of Bengal out there.


You'll always get your ideal spot between the beaches in Visakhapatnam. Interested in discovering this sand and sea destination that has completely had the title ‘Jewel of the East Coast’? Here comes our list of seven handpicked beaches in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh which each beach-loving soul must visit.

Submarine Museum, India

You’ll find Smritika or the Submarine Museum standing and fighting against the amazing backdrop of Ramakrishna beach. 


The primary of its kind altogether of South Asia, the INS (Indian Naval Service) Kurusura Submarine was a Soviet built-I-641 class Submarine, which after 31 years of service was decommissioned and converted into a desirable museum for the general public. 

There are six guides and a curator to tell and educate visitors about the complex workings of the submarine, and also the simple experience of being inside a sub may be a thrilling novelty. Don’t miss this one!


  • Timings of the museum: 2 pm-9 pm (closed Mondays)
  • Entry Fees: range from 40 to 50 Indian rupees based on age 

Dolphin’s Nose tourist spot

One of Visakhapatnam’s most beloved tourist spots, Dolphin’s Nose, is actually a sight to behold. This strange name comes from the form of the big rock formation itself, which does resemble a dolphin’s nose when saw from afar. 

At an altitude of 174 meters above water level, you’ll be able to catch fascinating views of the bustling city at one end, and at the opposite, you'll be able to watch the serene comings and goings of ships along the coast. 


A historic lighthouse sits atop the ‘nose’, which was once destroyed in 1876 because of a cyclone but has since been restored to full functionality, guiding ships confounded from distances as far as 65 kilometers. 

This is often a fine-looking place to go to within the evening to require within the sunset over the town or to merely sit and watch the ships surpass.

The stunning Kailasgiri Hill Park


Kalisagiri Hill Park may be a prominent hilltop park, with epic panoramic sea views of the geographical area. One can view the whole city of Visakhapatnam from the highest of this lush, eco-rich hill. The name comes from the word ‘Kailasa’, which is that the fabled abode of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


Kailasgiri offers several attractions, besides its stunning view, including ropeway trolleys, an enshrined sculpture of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, a road train for teenagers, and a big floral clock. 

There also are several cafes near the park that serve tasty snacks. this is often an absolutely ideal place to go together with your family for a picturesque weekend picnic.


  • Opening hours: 10 am-8 pm

Bunkers N Bonkers - The paintball Arena

Visakhapatnam’s first ever paintball arena is Bunkers N Bonkers. It’s been really popular since it opened, consistently drawing in huge crowds of individuals searching for an exciting experience.

The sector is sort of big and stuffed with surprising obstacles that make the sport all the more thrilling. Bunkers N Bonkers takes care to produce high-quality equipment after you play, to form sure nobody is injured in battle. 


It also offers practice sessions for novices to organize themselves before they enter the world. If you wish to recharge after a wild game, there’s a tiny low cafe where you'll relax with some drinks or snacks.


  • Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 7:30 pm; Saturday - Sunday 6 am - 8 pm

Araku Valley

Spread over a part of 36 km with an altitude ranging 600-900m above water level, Araku Valley offers breathtaking views of the waterfalls and streams running through its valley depths.

Because of its pleasant climate and exquisite hills, this valley is home to many coffee plantations and over 17 different tribal societies.  You'll be able to swing by the Araku Tribal Museum to achieve some insight into the lifestyles of those local tribes.


If you have got the chance, confirm to test out a performance of ‘Ahimsa’ dance, a cultural event within the region stuffed with expert movement and colorful costumes.


Every place in Vishakhapatnam is endowed with ample beauty, each serving a distinct purpose.  While some beaches are great for water sports and other fun-filled activities, others are perfect to relax and spend some quiet moments.


Then there are somewhere you'll do both. If you're keen to experience this port city through its beaches, confirm to go to all of them. 

You'll even book a hotel in Vizag that's shorter from one in all these beaches and begin your exploration from there. Any day could be a bye to go to these beaches and you'll never, ever, overdose on Vitamin Sea!