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Jaisalmer, located in Rajasthan India, is characterized by its yellowish brown stone buildings, making it very vivid and live. The town consists of a plenty of forts and palaces, reflecting the Indian architectural style.

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Jaisalmer is a town located in Rajasthan India. The town is situated in Thar Desert. The history of Jaisalmer is highly connected with the history of the Rajputana. The town is said to be founded by Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD. Later in medieval times, due to its location, the town kept on being an important attraction for the masses. Thus, through history, the town is known for its significance and importance.


The town is characterized by its yellowish brown stone buildings, making it very vivid and live. The unique work on the walls, pillars of the historical monuments represents the high quality of the craftsmanship of the ancient times.The town consists of a plenty of forts and palaces, which are ornamented with fine and artistic works, reflecting the Indian architectural style.


Jaisalmer’s climate remains cold and dry during winter season. The day temperature rises to 24 degrees while in the night it falls to 7 or 8 degrees. Winter lasts between November and February. During summer, the climate is characterized as hot and sultry. The temperature during the day rises to 42 degrees, but at night the temperature falls to 25 degrees. Summer lasts between April to August. Jaisalmer does not experience a well-defined monsoon season. It receives 15 centimeters rainfall, annually. Overall, Jaisalmer is characterized by a dry weather.  

A must visit site in Jaisalmer is Jaisalmer Fort, which is like a sandcastle in the middle of the desert. What adds to the significance of the fort is that it is a residence; there are people actually living there. The fort is also a home for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and temples. It is open for visitors for fee. Moreover, the town is known for its havelis (mansions). The Patwa Haveli is the biggest haveli, as it consists of a cluster of five mansions. In the same area, there is Salim Singh Haveli which is worth visiting as well.


Furthermore, Jaisalmer’s rich culture is reflected through its people, traditions, religions and festivals. The cosmopolitan city comprises of several religions of Jains, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs. Almost all the native people of the town are Hindu; they follow Hindu customs and rituals.

As for the town’s traditional folk music and dance, they are interdependent aspects of the cultural life of the inhabitants. Jaisalmer people have traditional dances that are performed in festivals and celebrations. The dances fill the atmosphere with joy and music, and the performers perform the dances with great excitement. The Kalbeliya dance is a dance of the community of snake charmers. The dance depicts the creative imagination of its dancers.


There are also the traditional dances of Ghoomar and Kathpulti. The Ghoomar dance is performed by women folks on special festive occasions. The Kathpulti dance reflects the creative imagination of the organizers, as they creatively arrange a dance drama of puppets for the audience. One of the most significant festivals is the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer. The festival gives the inhabitants and tourists the chance to dig deeper in the folk traditions of the ancient times, as it displays the rich arts and craft works of the town.


People of Jaisalmer are bright and friendly people. They dress in colorful traditional customs. Most of the Jaisalmer people are experts in the field of art and craft work. Their aesthetic works have helped the Rajasthan’s economy, besides building a huge base of fame. A tourist shouldn’t come to Jaisalmer without purchasing the unique craft work of the place.

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