Leh Ladakh

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A perfect destination for many tourists, Leh Ladakh is a wonderful place, which is an amalgam of vacation experiences and adventure opportunities. Located at an altitude of 3,542 meters above sea level in the lap of the great Himalayas, it boasts of immense spectacular beauty. This wonderful place claims of some amazing attractions including palaces, lakes, and monasteries. Why don’t you plan your next trip to Ladakh for trekking, explore the top sightseeing places and wait, and much more? Here is a list of 5 best places to visit in Leh Ladakh that would interest the curious minds like you!

If you wanna splash out, relax your soul, ease up your mind, drink the wild beauty, imagine yourself in the enchanting valley or have some time walking alone or even with your quad? Then here’s the list of places to visit in Leh Ladakh. Enjoy the mesmerizing view from the top of the Khardungla Pass, feel the peace at Shanti Stupa, try to breathe out at the Drass Valley, pray for the war heroes at Kargil, and do many more such amazing things hiking at the hypnotizing sites in Leh, Ladakh.

Not only trekking sports adventure, Leh is filled with pleasure even if you do nothing, but just sit at one place and enjoy the calmness of the river flowing or the birds chirping. Now we’ll not let you keep waiting. Here the list of all the amazing things that could be a part of your next trip to Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh

Magnetic Hill

Settled on the Leh national highway, around 30 km from Leh, Magnetic Hill is basically a gravity hill, which is renowned for maintaining magnetic properties. This magnetism is so strong that it can even pull a neutral car uphill. The powers of this hill can be seen from the fact that the passing aircraft increase their altitude for escaping the magnetic interference. The hill lies at a height of 14,100 feet above sea level. However, it is said that this is an optical illusion but surely worth experiencing. You can marvel at the magic of Magnetic there or visit the nearby Gurudwara, maintained by the Indian Army.

Nubra Valley

One of the wonderful places to see in Ladakh, the paradisiacal Nubra valley is a stunning valley, which lies 150 km north-eastwards of Leh. Located a height of 3,048 meters above the sea level, this valley has the surrounded of Shyok and Siachen Rivers, white sand deserts, double-humped camels, rich lush villages, and craggy mountain peaks. The valley has scenic beauty in the bounty as it lies peacefully on the slopes of the Karakoram mountain range. Hop onto the back of Bactrian camels and explore the valley. You will admire nature’s scenery and green surroundings, capture Mother Nature in your cameras, visit the nearby villages and monasteries, and visit the apple and apricot orchards.

Leh Ladakh

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa

Namgyal Tsemo Monastery is located in the background of the Leh Palace, established way back in 1430. The monastery enjoys a wonderful setting and this is one of the most popular places to visit in Leh Ladakh. The views of the plains, surrounding snow-covered peaks of the Zanskar mountain range, and the River Indus are stunning. Other attractions are statues of Avalokitesvara and Manjushri. It also has a vast collection of wonderful frescoes. The walls of the assembly hall are decorated with brilliant paintings. You will take a look at the fine collection of frescoes and old Buddhist manuscripts, notice the wall paintings at the assembly hall, relax your eyes to the views of Zanskar ranges, the plains, and the River Indus.

Leh Ladakh

Leh palace

Leh palace is one of the nicest examples of ancient Tibetan architecture. It’s often compared to the world-famous PotaPalaceace in Lhasa. Made of stones, wood, mud and sand, the walls of the palace provide warmth in winters and create a cool ambiance in summers. Leh Palace is a short walk uphill from the Leh Market. Alternatively, you can drive up to the entrance.
The interiors are decorated with crowns, ceremonial dresses, jewelry and artistic paintings, some as old as 450 years! And made from colors derived from powdered stones and gems.
If that’s not interesting enough, the palace provides spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range.

Leh Ladakh

Pangong Tso lake

Leh Ladakh is home to many high altitude lakes, but none can match the importance of Pangong Tso. Brought to fame by the movie “3 idiots”, it’s now the most popular destination in Ladakh.
Flanked by mountains of brownish hues, walking along the banks of the azure blue lake is similar to living postcards in reality. Its uniqueness though lies with the changing shades of the lake as the day progresses. Be ready to beat out your cameras and catch this mystic phenomenon. At night, watch the sky blanketed by a million stars and enjoy the magical view.

Leh Ladakh

Best time to visit Ladakh 

The months from mid-September to mid-October are considered to be the best season to enjoy the stunning beauty of the scenery of Ladakh and Leh. The month of March is considered to be the best time to visit Ladakh for an adventure trip. While the months from April to mid-May remain the peak season for Ladakh tourism. Unfortunately, during the months from August to December, it gets quite risky and dangerous to visit Ladakh as storm and winter take a toll on Ladakh during these months. 
Once you are here in Leh Ladakh, you will enjoy and explore every attraction in this spectacular place! In fact, no other place on earth (at least in India) could be compared to the pleasure one can experience in Leh. If your next destination is India, Visit and explore the stunning beauty of Leh Ladakh!