Its October, Yes The Halloween is out there yet another cause is here to raise around the world. October is marking The Breast Cancer Awareness Month and also known as "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM)" in America.

In 1985, the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries had an agreement on saving the date along October from every year to rais awareness and let the voice louder in the favor of spreading awareness for everyone who is fighting the breast cancer and educate the folks about a serious threat and the importance of early detecting that raises the percentages of healing. 


Thanks to the loyal and kind help of Janelle Hail, who was diagnosed with the diseases at the age of 34, yet as a FIGHTER and Heroin she beat it and dedicated her life to helping other women to fight and win the war, spreading the hope every moment.
How Inspiring!



Then, What is Pink October or October Awareness Month for?

October annual campaign is here for a wide spectrum of education and awareness areas including the knowledge about the history of breast cancer and how it changed over time, types of breast cancer, the threat over females and males as well, the signs, and symptoms, raising fund for the cause,  and more to get more acknowledgeable generations can fight and collaborate against the enemy with thier pink power.


"Never Give up, Life is worth living, there is life after cancer"


You are never alone,...


The whole world is collaborating in a series of activities and events, meetups, summits, walks, runs, and more in the typical the Shadow of Pink over the world-famous landmarks and the significant " Breast Cancer Ribbon, The Pink ribbon"
Respectively, you would find a list of attractions and landmarks in your coming vacation that is sharing their solidarity by nature or with the typical color they were constructed and painted with!


Excited Enough to Discover them?



Here you go with the World 12 Landmarks and Attractions sharing the solidarity for the Breast Cancer, October awareness month (Pink October):


1. The Egyptian Musem, Egypt

Planning your Egypt Tours? Then get prepared when passing through Tahrir Square -downtown- in Cairo to meet the splendrous reddish-pink building of the Egyptian Museum or like known as Museum of Cairo.


Welcome to the Oldest and the Largest Archaeological Museum in the Middle East in Cairo, Egypt.


The Egyptian Museum in Cairo was built in 1902 under the supervision of the French architect Marcel Dourgnon, to house one of the largest Egyptian antiquities preserving the Egyptian civilization phases and treasures, that could be exceeding the 120.000 original items and master-pieces dated back to more than 5000 years before the history time. the displayed collection covers significant artifacts from the predynastic until the Greco-Roman age, passing with Coptic Egypt and Islamic Egypt


Explore the best preserved collections of Sarcophagi, Statues like Djoser and Khafre life-sized statues, the head of Queen Hatshpsut, the Colossal of Amenhoptem III and his wife Tiye companied by thier childern, the special collection from the Akhenaten period. Also, meet the magnificent Dream Stele of Merneptah. Last but not least, you cant leave the reddish-pink building of the Egyptian museum without passing by the Full  Master-pieces  collection of the completed Royal Tomb of King Tut Ankh-Amun, that was discovered with all its compontents closed as if it was built yesterday


Explore the Magic Yourself when in Cairo, Plan your Trip Now!



2. Atlantis the Palm, Dubai

Going Deeper in Exploring the middle east treasures, Dubai is always a good idea! Not for just October but for the whole year, Atlantis the Palm of Dubai is wearing the soldiery scheme, in Pink.

Visiting the extensively developed city, Dubai that would be the world's fastest-growing city that spares no effort to produce the Best experience for its inhabitants and visitors. Before landing on the city of gold, Dubai of the UAE, have a look over the sophisticated and magnificent development projects that are not just offering the Fany look but also the highest level of Creativity, Charm, and Unicity. 
An eye-catching landmark should have been the Hook! 

Yes, Jumeirah the Palm, the palm outlined a project that houses a long and wide cluster of attractions for the Best Things to do in Dubai. The Cherry-top or the apex of the Palm Jumeirah is occupied by a noteworthy Pink Building, Atlantis the Palm, that was built after the imaginary and fictional tale of Atlantis.


Atlantis the Palm is one of the world's most luxurious resorts that was constructed in 2008 to give Dubai Attractions a new level of diversion. When in Atlantis the Palm Enjoy the different sorts of ways to enjoy the Underwater Suite and Restaurants, International Shopping Experience, Helicopter Rides, the Lost Chambers of Atlantis, Palm Jebal Ali, and more within Atlantis and the reachable landmarks of Jumeirah Palm.


Enjoy the Natural Pink October theme of Atlantis the palm, in Dubai Trips then keep it up until the Christmas and New Year times whereas the city shares the world's best experience for such celebrations you shouldn't miss on your life (Mark that)!


Dubai vacations are FABULOUS, Hurry up and Plan Dubai Tours Now!



3. Petra, Jordan - The Rose City


keep your exploration to the middle east treasures and Keep the Pink Theme up. Now we reached one of the rarest buildings that were given the theme color by nature and the fantastic sculpting by human-hands.


Petra, Here we came to Enjoy your Rock-carved Beauty!


The Sandstone rock-carved city lies at Ma'an Governorate in Petra Region of Jordan, Petra or Al-Batrāʾ in the Arabic language like the natives name it, that is dated to the 5th century BC, around 300 B.C, that is reported to have settled and inhabited by the Nabataean Aramaic, yet some evidence suggests it was built during the reign of King Aretas IV, who ruled 9 BC.

Petra is better to know as a territory of tombs, temples, passages, and houses for people who settled the place at the Nabatean times. 

The half-carved and built Petra was chosen to be the national symbol of Jordan and counted as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Above all the archaeological of Petra was marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.


It Worth! Make a Pink October and Visit the Rose City Petra in Jordan Travel Package!



4. Marrakesh, Morocco


Does an Imperial City need to adapt a theme?


Well, let nature work and extreme confidence will result in the best for Pink October. Marrakech is radiating with pink-ish vibes that fit the awareness time for breast cancer. The so-called Red city, Marrakech, in fact, is a reddish-pink city due to its several buildings that were erected from the Sandrock or clay and other substances. 

Morocco travel packages usually got the list tailored after the definite visit of Marrakech whereas all sensations gathered to give you the purest Moroccan experience.

Marrakesh is the major center for Morocco Tourism and the Imperial city of the kingdom where most of the landmarks and attractions standing in the ultimate charing reflecting the royal essence of the city. Let's try to tailor a list of landmarks, attractions, or better to say treasures you can't miss when in Morocco. 

Visit The Koutoubia Mosque, the shopping experience at Jamaa El-Fanaa, the alluring gardens of The Manara Gardens, The colorful garden with the exotic plant's collection The Majorelle Garden, The Bahia Palace, and getting back to nature in Cascades d'Ouzoud, The Toubkal National Park, The Ourika valley, and more a lot to be counted.


Not Easy to count but Easier to Plan your Special Trip to Morocco Now



5. Jaipur, India


Here comes the real PINK with the 'Pink City of India', Jaipur of Rajasthan state, notebly the  the largest city in the state of Rajasthan region. The city that was listed by UNESCO World Heritage Committee among the world preserved sites. 


Then why Jaipur is a Pink City?

(Away from Pink October Awareness Month Theme)


It's reported that in 1876, the city of Jaipur was painted and decorated fully in the Pink Color by the orders of the ruler Sawai Ram Singh I, in his efforts to get the best presentation in welcoming the visit of HRH Albert Edward, Prince of Wales. The beauty of the city with the ornamenting work for the visit remained for a lifetime celebrating the beauty that goes brighter by time. 


The Pink City, Jaipur is marking the presence of the royal landmarks as Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, and more with a cluster of temples, gardens, museums, and more. Also, the shopping experience is incomparable in Japuir with high-quality authentic products in every shop and Bazar such as Tripolia Bazaar, Chandpol Bazaar, Kishanpol Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Aravali Bazaar, Sireh Deori Gate, Mirza Ismail Road, Nehru Bazar, and more. 


Food in India is also an outstanding Experience you will never found in 1 in 100 of your travels around the world. Costumes also super UNIQUE things to try in India, try the Sari, of course, you will get one its irresistible beauty.


Enjoy India like Never before and Plan your Rajasthan Trips Now!



6. Muralla Roja, Spain


Where is the pink in the world found again? 


Yes, It's the turn of Spain.


The relationships between Morocco and Spain are digging deeper than just a matter of geographical location. The inspirations to produce Spain's significant landmarks used to swing from the two marvelous destinations. Now we got to "the North-Africa Kasaba" inspired architecture in Alicante, Calpe, by the hands of the Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968, La Muralla Roja. 

What's special about the master-piece complex is the pink-colored buildings on their different sizes and dimensions, yet all are radiating with the hot-pink paint. 


Spain Treasure is Endless, Love to Explore? Plan your Trip to Spain Now!



7. Pink Beach, Indonesia


Here is Nature raising the PINK sign again in the Komodo National Park at the West Nusa Tenggara Province, East Lombok Regency, Indonesia. 

The Pink Beach - Tangsi Beach - outstanding pink color of the beach sand is the result of the foraminifera creatures work over the shells, and coral reefs spread all along the beach. Never miss having your vacation over the pink beach along with the beautiful attractions and sightseeings of Lombok. The place would be perfect for Honeymooners with the romantic essence of pink and calmness. 



8. La Casa Rosada, Argentina


Coming to the modern architecture you will see when making a Latin vacation in Argentina, here is the La Casa Rosada (The Pink House, in English), the brightest structure in Buenos Aires province, that was completed in 1882.

Casa Rosada is the executive mansion and presidential office of the Argentina President in Olivos, Buenos Aires, whereas the president seat is the "Seat of Rivadavia". La Casa Rosada was announced to be a National Historic Monument.
The building is said to have been painted with white paint mixed with cows' blood that is symbolizing power and protection.

Note: It also knew as Casa de Gobierno "House of Government"

Get the Best of Buenos Aires and visit Fair of the Mataderos (Fería De Mataderos), Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, Palermo, Recoleta Cemetery, Rose Garden Walk (Paseo del Rosedal) and more to enjoy when having an Argantina Tour!



9. Yucatan, Mexico


Time for the Pink water. Yes, you read it right its water of the Yucatan Peninsula lagoon in Mexico. Yucatan of southeastern Mexico is known for the famous Mayan ruins and the massive pyramid. 
Las Coloradas is the Spanish of the English "Blush Pink", which is apparently the result of plankton, brine shrimps, and other creatures living in the water. 

Mérida, the largest city and the capital of  Yucatan is one of the cities worth your visit with its buildings that dig in history till the 16th-century. Discover  El Castillo, Ik Kil, Zona Arqueológica de Ek Balam, Dzibilchaltún, Pyramid of the Magician, Archaeological site of Mayapan, and more to Explore when in Mexico Trip .



10. Lake Hillier, Australia 

Again with the Pink-ish water and now we are in Australia with Lake Hillier of the Goldfields-Esperance region. The living creatures in the lake the organism Dunaliella salina is the main reason behind the special color. The lake is featured with a high level of salt yet it's still safe for swimming after issuing the required approvals from the authorities. 



11. The Pink Street, Lisbon, Portugal


In a bright Pink color, Lisbon is rising to be marked among the world attractions that adapting the Breast Cancer Ribbon Pink-ish color. The street would be among the best-known tourist attractions for its Markets, Cafes, and restaurants. 


 Plan your Trip to Portugal, Spain, Morocco and more with Memphis Tours!



12. Castelo Craigievar, Scotland


Craigievar castle of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, or The Pink Castle! The Castel was first painted in cream until another granite pink pigment was added to give the final look with the pinkish color. The markable citadel construction work was completed in 1626, to be the best preserved in Scotland until today between more than the 260 castles standing in Aberdeenshire. 


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