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Where is Nubia located . Nubian village in Egypt . Visit Nubia .

The Nubian villages are known for their colorful streets, the rainbow-painted walls, and the kind people there! Nubians have a unique skin tone and also a unique language that no one in Egypt talks like. They live on the West bank of the Nile, deep down south in Egypt. Over 8000 years ago the Nubians moved from Sudan to start living in Egypt around the Nile and start agricultural field there.  


Are you interested in visiting a Nubian Village?


Egypt has a lot of colorful Nubian villages, the most popular one for the Egyptians and foreigners is "Ghrab sehel",  its near to the magical town Aswan, just 45 minutes by boat or Nile Cruise from Aswan. You can now pack your bags and take the first flight to Egypt, Specially Aswan and get a half-day trip to spend about 3 hours within this amazing Nubian Village walking around, watching the beauty of the colorful streets, watching the great Nubian architecture, and having an oriental lunch with the Nubian kind people.


A short boat ride to reach a Nubian Village


Of course, now you are asking yourself about how to go to a Nubian village! Since the Nubian villages are located on the West bank of the Nile, all you need is a short boat ride (Felucca) passing across the Egyptian Nile River allows you to watch the colorful villages of Nuba. 


Exploring the most colorful village in Egypt


After having a short boat ride or a ride with the Nubian Felucca, watching the picturesque village, colored and decorated camels and the colorful designs and architecture, the kind and friendly Nubian people will welcome you to their homes, offering you delicious oriental food with amazing hospitality, then drinking their famous Nubian mint tea. 


Who are the Nubians?


As we mentioned before the Nubians left Sudan and come to Egypt years ago as they are anciently a people of an ancient African civilization, they lived over an African empire and their places they live in is called Nubia, even now stayed and lived in Egypt. The main reason they come to Egypt is to start out farming around the Nile as the Nile soil is very fertile to farm any type of fruits and vegetables.


Can I stay in a Nubian Village? How much time do I spend in the village?

The answer is yes! You can stay in the Nubian villages the time you need to stay, it's a beautiful place to chill out in with the great hospitality of the Nubian people and the Traditional Nubian food there. Also, there are a lot of colorful guest houses and hostels you can stay in. It's highly recommended to stay there for several days to live the whole experience as a Nubian family member. 


Excited about getting a Henna tattoo from a Nubian woman?


After staying in a colorful Nubian guest house, having a camel ride, walking around the rainbow colorful streets, dancing with the Nubian kids to the Traditional Nubian songs, and eating the delicious Nubian food, now be prepared to get a Henna tattoo from a Nubian local woman!  In Nuba, there are a lot of women has a talent for art and drawing, they use the Henna to draw tattoos for the local people and the foreigners, and they usually draw some Nubian and pharaonic shapes and symbols. A henna tattoo is not considered a permanent tattoo, its just fade away in a few days and it is safe for your skin.  


Visiting a Nubian village in Egypt is a rich experience to explore the Nubian history and traditions and lifestyle, this trip will give you amazing memories and new friends. Just be prepared and be ready for this authentic trip! 


With invaluable memories and amazing experiences, this place is one of the best places to visit in Egypt. I highly recommend it.

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