The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Dubai

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Dubai, the tourist hub of the center east is really a city of the longer term and something to marvel at. Whether you're travelling with friends, your loved ones or your family, there's absolutely no way you'll not find something to try and do and keep yourself occupied.


One of the key engineering marvels here in Dubai is the awe-inspiring Atlantis Hotel, located within the iconic Palm Jumeirah Islands. This magnificent 5-star hotel is one of the foremost popular hotels within the world and permanently reason.


Maintained the lost city of Atlantis, this hotel houses a world-class water park, Aquaventure, and a glorious aquarium called The Lost Chambers Aquarium.  This aquarium is maybe the simplest in Dubai which is saying something, given the amount of fantastic aquariums this city has. But what makes this aquarium so special? Let’s find out.

Experiences at Lost Chambers Aquarium


  1. Ambassador Lagoon

Ambassador Lagoon Perhaps the foremost visited and viewed attraction here is that the massive Ambassador Lagoon. This goliath building holds 11 million liters of water! Yes you read that right. Majority of the marine life at Atlantis resides in this tank.


It's one in every of the most important aquariums within the world with enough water to fill 4.5 olympic sized swimming pools. This tank holds over 150 species of fish and you even get the prospect to swim with them within the many diving experiences that Lost Chambers has got to offer.


  • Ticket: AED 1100 per person (Prices will vary depending upon the selected day)
  • Age: 10 years or above (Kids under 16 must be followed by an adult)
  • Timing: Timings are varying depending on selected days
  • Clothing: Specific suit are provided 


2. Ultimate Snorkel


This is the last word family experience here at the aquarium. Get an opportunity to snorkel within the Ambassador Lagoon and see the creatures exist in their natural habitat. No sport skills are required for this adventure so even children from the age of 6 can engage.


  • Ticket: Prices will vary depending upon the selected day, but most probably AED 355 per person
  • Age: 6 years or above (Kids under 16 must be among an adult)
  • Timing: 3 sessions of half-hour starting at 11:00 am (schedules may vary depending upon selected day) 
  • Clothing: Bring your swimming attire; garment, towel and bottle are going to be provided


3. Atlantis Dive Discovery
This is the proper experience for people who want to experience skin diving. Expected for beginners and newcomers, you may dive into the Ambassador Lagoon under the supervision of certified scuba experts. you'll be able to swim amongst the sharks, napoleon wrasse and other intriguing sea creatures. The minimum age to require part during this dive is 10 years.


  • Ticket: AED 1350 per person - vary depending on selected day
  • Age: 10 years or above (Kids under 16 must be in the course of an adult)
  • Timing: 3 sessions at 10:45 am, 01:45 pm & 04:45pm (timings may vary depending upon selected day)
  • Clothing: Special suit are going to be provided

What to expect to do at the Lost Chambers Aquarium?


  • Learn about the Lost World Atlantis
  • You will explore more than 65,000 marine animals including sharks and stingrays
  • Snorkel and dive during this dazzling world
  • Feed the ocean predators
  • Daily feeding show 
  • Fish Tale Tour: discover the diligence behind the Lost Chambers Aquarium

Atlantis Aquarium Timings

Hours of work at the Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai are 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, Atlantis Aquarium timings may vary in line with the Lost Chambers Aquarium deals you get. Therefore, time your visit in line with the activity that you’ve bought a ticket. 

Location and parking at the Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chambers is situated near the Avenue within Atlantis. Valet parking facility is obtainable, but it depends on the provision of space. The parking is complimentary so you don’t have to add it to the Atlantis Dubai prices. 

Surround yourself with marine life with a practice the glass tunnels of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Witness sharks, stingrays, piranhas, lobsters, and also the tiniest of seahorses at Atlantis, The Palm – just a few of the creatures you’ll come face-to-fin with during this underwater world.


Evoking the Lost City of Atlantis, the underwater tunnels function as an immersive experience into a lost civilisation of shipwrecks and ruins. You're certain to encounter the foremost amazing, colourful collection of underwater life within 10 beautiful chambers.


There are over 20 marine life exhibits during this aquarium where you'll interact with a number of the creatures and even help feed them – guided by animal experts. Whether you wish to work out or match a part of the underwater view, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is an experience for the entire family.