It is almost that time of every year where things get spooky. Halloween holiday is an event celebrated worldwide each year on October 31st. It dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, the festival when people believed that ghosts of the dead return to Earth. 
Halloween traditionally originated from the Celts who used to live 2000 years ago in the land that is now The United Kingdom, Ireland, and France. They used to celebrate the New Year on November 1st. Halloween marked the end of summer and the harvest season. It was that part of the year that is associated with death, when Celts believed the boundaries between the world of the dead and the world of the living were opened. 
Excited much?

Here are 13 different traditions around the world and most spooky places to go for Halloween. 

Day Of Dracula, Romania


As an adventurous tourist, You shouldn’t miss travelling to Transylvania to celebrate Halloween. While Halloween is celebrated on October 31st worldwide, Romanians celebrate St. Andrew’s night on November 30 when they put garlic everywhere as a form of protection against evil spirits. It is a traditional celebration and a superstition that is still celebrated until today. You should definitely visit the Bran castle in Transylvania, where the Dracula legend is associated with. People usually celebrate the day of Dracula by wearing costumes of ghosts and vampires to represent the superstitions about spooky evil spirits.  



Pangangaluluwa, The Philippines

The Pangangaluluwa, is a practice in the Philippines that is celebrated on the night of the All Saint’s Day on the 1st of November, where people stop by houses asking for prayers of the living to help them make it to Heaven. People who stop by houses represent souls that are stuck in purgatory. Being celebrated on November 1st, many people equated it to the celebration of Halloween. 



Pchum Ben Day, Cambodia

Pchum Ben day Is the day when Cambodian people dedicate offerings and food they make especially for their dead. The festival of Pchum Ben is celebrated in October every year in Cambodia. The expression Pchum Ben means to collect food and meet together. The festival lasts for fifteen days and is considered the most important religious festival in Cambodia. September 28th is the actual day of Pchum Ben festival, when people meet together to celebrate dedicating offerings to their dead and showing respect and gratitude for their ancestors. 



Samhain, Ireland and Scotland 

Samhain is a religious festival that originated from an ancient Celtic tradition. It is celebrated from the 31st of October to the 1st of November of each year. People who celebrate Samhain believe that the barrier between the living world and the dead world blurs during that day, allows communication between the living and the dead. 
The trick or treat tradition is derived from an Irish and Scottish ancient practices. In Ireland, people celebrate Samhain by wearing scary costumes, go to people’s houses to celebrate the dead and get some treats. While tricks were believed to be blamed on fairies. 



Pão Por Deus, Portugal

Pão Por Deus of “bread for God” in Portugal is a day when people celebrate dedicating offerings to their dead. It is a common practice in some Bagan cultures and the Celts who used to inhabit what is now Portugal. The Pao Por Deus is mainly a children's celebration where kids go to neighbors houses asking for bread as an offering to God. They usually receive more than that, they get cakes, fruits, and other different treats. 



Ognissanti, Italy

Ognissanti is the All Saint’s Day in Italy, celebrated on November 1st. It is known as la Festa di Ognissanti, a public holiday when businesses, schools, and offices officially close. All saint’s day is an Italian traditional holiday related to Halloween in its theme. It is also followed by the All Souls’ day celebrated on November 2nd. Italians celebrate this day by dedicating time to their families and relatives they haven’t seen in a long time. 



Dzień Zaduszny, Poland

If you are visiting Poland in the end of October or the first week of November, then you shouldn’t miss the All Souls’ day or the Dzien Zaduszny. It is a holy day when Catholics are required to attend and join the masses. With time, the celebration has become more of a cultural tradition than a religious festival. 
During the week of Dzien Zaduszny, cemeteries of Poland witness large numbers of people as they prepare the headstones of their dead loved ones for the celebration. They usually decorate cemeteries with flowers and candles as a way to show gratitude and love for their deceased. 
To enjoy this celebration most as a tourist and experience the polish culture, then you shouldn’t miss to visit the local cemetery on that day. When the dark comes, you will witness the beauty of the city as hundreds of candles glow above Polish cemeteries on that night. 



Dia de los Muertos, Mexico

Dia de los muertos or the day of the dead in Mexico is not the Halloween mexican vesrion. They are somehow related but there are major differences between the two events in some traditions. The day of the dead festival lasts for two days starting November 2. Unlike the dark night of terre theme of Halloween, the day of the dead is a colorful celebration that is full of Joy. Although it is called “the day of the dead'' and it has the theme of death, it is meant to show love and respect for the deceased members of the family. People celebrate this day in the streets of Mexico by doing funky makeup and dress in costumes, they also dance and sing and remember their deceased loved ones. 


Kawasaki Halloween Parade, Japan 

The Kawasaki Halloween parade is the most famous festival in Japan related to the Halloween theme. This year, the Kawasaki festival will be a world-wide event as it will take place online. The theme for 2022 is the “Cyberspace Costumes”. 
You can participate in the Kawasaki festival online by making a 30 seconds or less video dressed up in your costume of choice. Then you can post the video on social media channels using the hashtags #oneworldhalloween and #kawahallo2022. Also, you will have to fill the entry form on the Kawasaki Halloween official website and upload your video before October 25th until 23:59 JST. 



The Festival Of The Hungry Ghosts, Hong Kong

Hungry ghosts festival is also known as Yu Lan festival that takes place in Hong Kong. It is that time of the year when people prepare food and offerings as gifts to their dead ancestors before they go back to the underworld. It is believed that during that time in August the gates of hell are opened to allow ghosts to wander on Earth. After two weeks of opening the gates, ghosts start to get hungry, that’s why they have the hungry ghosts festival on the 15th day of August. 
Some offerings are burned during the festival like food, money, and other material things as it is believed that the deceased ancestors will use them in their afterlife. The festival of the hungry ghosts has been celebrated for over 100 years. 


Haunted Happenings Grand Parade, Salem - United States

The city of Salem hosts the event of Haunted happenings every year in October. The city doesn’t only represent Halloween and the American history, but also captivates visitors by its restaurants, shops, and attractions. As a tourist or an american citizen who loves to celebrate Halloween somewhere special, there is no better place to be in October than the city of Salem. It is the paradise of Halloween lovers with its joyful shopping experience for Halloween supplies and the amazing street performances. 


Pitru Paksha, India

Pitru Paksha is an indian celebration that lasts for 16 days. In this celebration Hindus make offerings to their deceased and loved ones. This year, Pitru Paksha started on September 1st and ended on September 17th. The celebration is about offering food to animals like cows and dogs. It is believed that food offerings to animals and birds reach the ancestors and make them feel happy in the world they are living in now. It is also believed that the deceased need these offerings to help them find the relief and ensure that they will make it safely to heaven. 


 Awuru Odo Festival, Nigeria

Odo means the spirits of the dead that return to Earth every two years to visit their living loved ones. It is believed by people in Nigeria that Odo visits Earth in the time between September and October and they leave in April. Masked players represent the Odo spirits in a performance known as the Awuru Odo, where people represent the story  of the dead people’s visit to their living relatives and loved ones. The performance usually takes place at the market square on a ritual stage. 


Don’t get stuck to the traditional Halloween celebrations, tour the world, and enjoy different Halloween themed festivals from different cultures.  

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