Things to know about Pharaohs' Golden Parade

The huge collection of pharaonic mummies was ceremoniously moved during a grand televised official procession from the older Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Tahrir.

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12 Christmas Time Traditions around the World Destination

It's Christmas Time! Explore How the different destinations on your wanderlust are celebrating Christmas Eve in their own different traditions and unique ways!

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UNESCO World Heritage in Latin America and Caribbean

Not only about the Music, Dance, and BEST vibes but also one of the richest UNESCO World Heritage. Discover the Cultural side of Latin America and the Caribbean in UNESCO sites, Explore Now!

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Salwa Adel
27 Sep

Most Famous Ancient Coffins (Sarcophagi) Discovered Worldwide

Know it all about ancient coffins, known as Sarcophagi, depicting the great sense of artistry that our ancestors had. Treat your eyes with colorful carvings and writings still seen and felt on every ancient Sarcophagi. Read more!

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Maiu Fiorini
29 Jul

The 8 Phrases and vocabulary Everyone Should Know Before traveling to Egypt

“Yzaayak?”, “Shokran”, and more to Explore!
Find Memphis Tours Handy dictionary for the colloquial Egyptian-Arabic to Experince Talking like-Egyptian within your Egypt Tours!

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Maiu Fiorini
24 Jun

Hilarious Facts about the World Countries to Explore while Travelling

Culture defines people’s ways of living and from a place to another, these ways can be completely on the opposite sides. Explore Hilarious 5 Facts about the World Countries and destinations you will Face while Travelling!

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Maiu Fiorini
03 May

Food Around the World: Exploring The World Through Flavours!

Many creative options as virtual tours, movies, and books, are fulfilling your adventurous senses yet FLAVOURS are away different. Check out how you will Tour the world through Dishes with Memphis Tours!

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Bonface Makokha
15 Mar

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: UNESCO Sites in Europe

The cultural and natural heritage sites under UNESCO vary in many aspects fulfilling great purpose of imparting essential knowledge on history and culture in different parts in Europe. Explore Them from the closest point!

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Shyamli Thakur
22 Jan

JAPAN: The Hidden Heaven for Travellers

Expolre an EXTRA different destination with ultra-modern life and ancient traditions fuse, population ethnicity, Culture, People traditions and more in Japan ‘The land of the rising sun’, with a plethora of adventures specially tailored for every taste!


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15 Jan

African Safari: Explore the Hilarious Side of the Senior Content

Get closer to the Treasures of the Senior Content within African Safari. Explore Destinations, Ethnicity, Activities and more. Hug the pure nature of African Safari Tours with Memphis Tours.

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20 Oct

Turkish Culture: Discover The Festivals in The Country

Get closer to the multi-cultural Mediterranean country. Explore the  Turkish Culture through the various Festivals of Turkey with Memphis Tours.

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Aya Abd El-Mawgod
25 Jul

Opera Aida to Perform in Hatshepsut Temple on 26th and 28th of October

The Ministry of Culture has organized the memorable musical show of “Opera Aida”. Two of the “Opera Aida” performances are organized in the famed Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut on the coming 26th and 28th of October.

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Top Tips for Solo Female Travelers Before Travelling to Egypt

As a solo female traveler, you should not only take the safety in your own hands but also be prepared for the adventure. Here are top safety tips for solo female travelers for their Trip to Egypt.

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Lois Crouse
26 Dec

Traveling to East Africa with Children

Family vacations create wonderful, lasting memories: Have you ever considered taking your family on a trip to East Africa? From Kenya and Tanzania to Uganda and Rwanda, this culturally rich, incredibly biodiverse region has a lot to offer!

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Traditions, Culture and Clothing Tips to Know Before Visiting Jordan

A land steeped in history, culture and tradition, Jordan has been a hub for hospitality since the dawn of civilization. Here's your crash course on fitting in and getting the most out of your visit!

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Jen Grimble
11 Sep

Want to Know about Clothing in India? Here You Go!

India can overwhelm even the most cultured traveler with its dazzling sensory experiences. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes! But perhaps the most enchanting part of India's diverse and vivid culture is its clothing. Your guide to the sari, dhoti, and everything in between.

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Discover Jordan's Top 10 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins

Over the millennia, Jordan has been home to numerous ancient civilizations, from the old Nabataeans to the Romans. Spectacular ruins dot its landscape to this day, inspiring new generations of visitors.

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8 Etiquette Rules make your India Experience Hilarious!

Travelling to India is Hilarious! Get your Guide to the most common rules and etiquette to follow for a super smooth Indian Experience. Explore Now!

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6 Inspiring Adventures to Experience the Real Morocco

Morocco, home of the world’s most stunning sights and attractions. The majestic heights of the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Explore More about Morocco!

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Sean Cope
22 Mar

Discover the Classical Beauty of Greece

When you think of Greece, no doubt images will spring to mind of sun-kissed beaches and relaxing moonlit evenings spent sipping wine and indulging in delicious local wines. Greece is an absolutely must-see country before you die: here's why. 

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10 Surprising Secrets and Facts About Taj Mahal

It's one of the most mesmerizing monuments around the world. Everyone is familiar with its beauty. But do you know its story? Here are 10 points about Taj Mahal that you need to know: 

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Your Guide to Egypt: A Land of Magic and Wonder

With more than 8 million tourist per year, Egypt has astonishing landscapes to impress even to the most experienced traveler. Here's a carefully-curated list of places that will take your breath away.

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Lois Crouse
25 Dec

Impress Your Friends with These 12 Facts about the Pyramids of Giza

The pyramids of Egypt have captured the imaginations of people for centuries. Perhaps because they are part of the glory of Ancient Egypt. Perhaps because they continue to mystify us as well as the brightest scientists.

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24 Dec

Nile Cruise Guide

A Nile Cruise tour is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you must include in your trip to Egypt. It mixes between the Histories of ancient Egypt with relaxation which make your trip to Egypt an unforgettable Trip.

A lot of travellers don’t know the difference between Nile Cruises, dahabiya and feluccas. you can consider this article as a reference for best Nile Cruises in Egypt. Nile cruises is a medium size ships move by solar motors and has about 40 cabin, big dining restaurants, swimming pool, gym and other facilities.

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