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Traveling is essential in life, its a way to grow and evolve and explore the world we live in. But to many people out there traveling is more like a dream other than reality as not everyone has the funds to go on an expensive vacation whenever they feel like they need a break.

The good thing is that traveling doesn’t always have to be expensive and with a little bit of creativity and some research you just might be able to take that deserved break after COVID 19. 



To help you all budget travelers out there, we have come up with a list of the best 4 places to travel to after COVID 19 while on a tight budget.




Morroco is a famous destination for all types of travelers out there. While offering gorgeous Sahara safaris, beach destination, and several wild adventures,  Morroco is number one in our list as the best destinations for post corona if you are traveling on a budget.

Depending on the kind of accommodation that you choose for your travels, on a budget a trip in Morroco can cost you $120 to $140 dollars a day. 

With that budget, you can enjoy a trip to the beach at Essaouira, which is located a few hours from Marrakech, a place famous among British tourists. The atmosphere is relaxed and you can also find a great fish market with fresh fish locally caught and grilled to perfection.

Morroco is also world-famous for its first-class surf waves, which attracts surfers from all around the world, if you always wanted to try surfing, that a great idea while budget traveling in Morroco.

Another great activity in Morroco while on a budget is to go to a local cooking class where you will learn how to cook delicious local foods of Morroco with an authentic Morrocan chef.


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Turkey is a great option culturally and financially, the average cost for a couple traveling turkey for a whole week is $333 US dollars so if you budget your trip then you can manage to spend much less than that.

So why go to Turkey, well there are many, many reasons for that one being the foo, turkey has one of the best foods in the world. Turkey is also gorgeous and has an endless culture. 

So where to go and what to do on a budget in Turkey?

Cappadocia is definitely worth your bucks. This gorgeous semi-arid region located in the heart of Turkey is famous for its “fairy chimneys” tall, cone-shaped rocks formations. Cappadocia is the place for that unforgettable travel photograph and its surroundings are quite breathtaking even better looking from up while taking a hot air balloon ride.

Pamukkale is another great option for your budget trip in Turkey, with a small entrance fee at less than $10 US dollars and a million-dollar view of a natural turquoise pool Pamukkale is mineral-rich thermal water resulted from an earthquake.


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Egypt is a great option for travelers on a budget. With so many great ancient monuments and delicious foods that can cost as little as $2 US dollars a meal, Egypt will get you so much for your money.

The average cost for tourists in Egypt is $50 US dollars per day which is really super cheap compared to other countries in the world. With so much to do in Egypt, a little planning will help you to make the most out of your experience.

Visiting the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, The Grand Egyptian Museum and the Khn El Khalili in Cairo is a must on your Egypt experience, and the prices for them are so cheap that anyone can experience them.  

Going on a cruise on the Nile River From Aswan to Luxor can also be done on a  budget and it is a great experience. In the ancient city of Luxor, you will be able to visit ancient temples dedicated to some of the greatest pharaohs in the history of Egypt like the Karkan Temple and the Temple of Ramsess II and so many others.


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Even though Jordan is an expensive country considering that 01 JOD equals 1,41 USD, is still possible to plan a trip to Jordan on a budget. A great option to save up while traveling in Jordan is purchasing a Jordan Pass which includes the visa upon arrival and over 40 attractions touristic attractions including the famous Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

A great way to save in Jordan is to choose street food over restaurant food, in that way you will compromise on the price but you sure will not have to compromise on the flavor as Jordan street food is delicious, and you will get to experience the REAL Jordanian food.


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