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Temple of Derr

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Location :

This Temple is located 208 KM south of Aswan , It was moved to a new location close to Amada temple .

Who built it?

This temple was built during the time of king Ramsis II , exactly during the 30th year of his reign.

Why it was built?

It was dedicated to god Ptah and god Amon , as well as Ramsis II as a deified person.

Explanation :

The ancient Egyptians named this temple "Temple of Ramses-in-the-House-of-Re".

It was cut into a cliff, the remaining parts now are consisting of two pillared halls and the rear sanctuaries. One of the two pillars is cut into the rock. The third row consists of engaged Osiride Pillars of Ramesses II that are larger than the others. This is a typical theme in many of his Nubian temples.


The second hall follows the axis of the temple. It contains six tapered pillars, mounted on projecting bases and surmounted by transverse architrave.


The ceiling was covered with stucco and then painted with a series of vultures along the center axis, while the upper part of the walls runs a frieze of uraus alternating with the royal cartouche of Ramesses II. Lower on the walls are scenes of a religious motif, including Ramesses II's jubilees, his purification and the reception of the bark. Also there are other scenes depict Shu, Tefnut and Montu.

On the sides of the pillars are depictions of Pharaoh and a deity, including Weret-hekau, Menhit, Ptah and Amun-Re.


Like other Nubian temples, some of the temple's decorations were lost due to its use as a church by early Christians.