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Agha Khan Mausoleum

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It is situated 2.5 miles from Aswan train station.

Who built it?
Mohammed Shah Ahga Khan was the founder of the mausoleum. He was the spiritual leader of the Ismailis Sect in India. He was educated in Europe and succeeded his father in 1885 to become the 48th Imam. He was one of the richest man in the world.

Why was it built?
There is a story for building this mausoleum. Agha khan had a paralysis in his leg and people advised him to travel to Aswan where he can recover. After the recovery, he decided to be buried in Aswan. So he advised to be buried in Aswan after his death.

 It is made out of granite and is considered a very elegant pink granite structure of late 1950 origin, which also resembles the Fatimid tombs in Cairo.It is situated near the Monastery of St. Simeons on the west bank at Aswan.

The wife of Agha khan kept visiting the mausoleum after the death of her husband. When she died she was buried with her husband. The tomb attracted many pilgrims after his death.