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Who built the first pyramid in Egypt

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Who built the first pyramid in Egypt




King Djeser was the founder of the 3rd dynasty.



King Djoser was like other kings have a normal tomb of Mudbrick. It was not in Abydos as usual but it was in Beit Khalaf ( South Quena ).

An important character existed in the time of king Djoser, Imhotep his architect who was one of the geniuses of mankind. Imhotep was fortunate to live during the reign of king Zoser as he respected his capability of the invention. King Djeser allowed him to have his name on his statues


Who built the first pyramid in Egypt? when was the first pyramid built?



The step pyramid of king Djeser in Saqqara was the most famous during the history as it was the first stone building in Egypt history and also considered the first trial of building a tomb on the pyramidal shape.