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AL Fustat Historical City

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Al Fustat City is located between Babylon Fortress and Al Moqqatam Mount.



 and Africa which represents Islamic Age. Egypt is considered the eldest remains in  Amr Ibn Alas mosque Al Fustat. Cairo Fustat is now a part of the 'Old Egypt' area in, Egypt in Al-Fustat City. The mosque is first and oldest mosque in Amr Ibn Alas mosque built between Upper and Lower Egypt, especially in Fatimid Age. Amr Ibn Alas the Nile Al Fustat is also considered a major harbour for foreign maritime trade, as it is located on Memphis and Thebes military occupation, it means tent. It was built by Amr Ibn Al'as in 642, Al Fustat is considered the first capital after the pharaonic capitals, the Roman the probably this name derived from Egypt, The first capital of Islamic


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