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Luxor Museum

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Location: It is situated in Luxor, parallel to the corniche street, between Luxor and Karnak Temples.


Why was it built?

It was built because of the storage problems in the Cairo Museum, so the government decided to build new museums on various places in Egypt. Luxor city gain this museum to be the first one and today it has a very wonderful collection of finds in the Luxor area.


When was it built?

It was built since president Abd Al Nasser presidency and finished in 1975.


Explanation : This Museum is divided into two floors. Although this building is small, it contains masterpieces from the Middle Kingdom and New kingdom, such as pottery, jewelry, furniture, statues and stelae selected from the Theban temples and necropolis.

There are many statues for King TutmosisIII, AmenhotpIV ( Akhenaton), and Tutankhamon. The most important thing is the Mummy of Ahmos together with RamsisI which were exhibited since September 2004.

There are also many mummification things like the Eishr Al Baiad fish which was found in her cult center in Esna, it was also called Lato came from Latopolis the Greek name of Esna.