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Gara Cave

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Djara or (Gara) is a cave of magical dimensions, as it is one of the very few well decorated caves in Egypt; it has the natural result of pure water in contact with the dry desert climate, over millions of years of formation, the cave itself is about 30m wide and 8m high, and contains animal engravings dating back from the Neolithic Period. It is close to the crossroads of the Darb Assiut, the caravan trail connecting Farafra Oasis and Assiut, and the Abu Muharraq sand dune, at approximately 1.500kms the longest dune in the Western Desert. It is 180kms from both Bahariya and Farafra.

This cave was rediscovered twice, initially discovered by the German explorer Gerhard Rohlfs, and then forgotten for millennia, recently rediscovered in 1989 by the German adventurer Dr Carlo Bergmann, who was exploring the area by camel.


The Gara cave remains as one of the most stunning examples of the effect of chemical activity over millennia, and a unique treasure of nature's own version of cave art. Today it is classified Institute as the second most important Stone-Age settlement in the Western Desert after Nabta Playa by the German Archaeological Institute.

The cave is easy to visit; many parts have a level floor, covered by the sand of the desert. Light is required and a helmet is a good idea too.