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Temple of Amon

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It is situated in Siwa oasis.

Who built it?

Alexander the Great built this temple in 331 BCE, when he was seeking confirmation that he was the son of Zeus (whom the Greeks associated with the Egyptian Amon).


Why was it built?

Alexander the Great was honored by the priests of Amon as the son of the Sun God in 331 B.C.; Alexander wanted to become a pharaoh and Egypt would not accept that unless he had been declared divine.




The impact of this site in ancient times appears slightly strange, and fascinating at the same time, to modern visitors. The actual temple is so small, but the entire setting is like one of a fantasy novel. The temple complex, completed with a well (quite well-preserved) takes all of a little mountain rising up from the oasis. Seen from a distance, the site is like a white island floating on green palms. Upon entering, a wall rises above you and when standing next to the temple you will have fabulous views. Unfortunately, there is little to fascinate a visitor with the temple structure itself, no wall-paintings and no fine details have survived. It is best when seen from a distance. Not far from the temple,a water pool glistens where, it is said, Cleopatra used to bath .