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Nubian Monuments

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It is stretched between Aswan and Abusimbel at Nasser lake .

Who built it?
This place contains many monuments built by different kings through different periods, the most famous King was RamsessII of the 19th Dynasty.

Why it was built : 
Every temple has its dedication God or Goddess, but most of them dedicate for God Amon-Ra .

When the High Dam was being built, many of these temples were moved during the salvage operation between 1964 and 1968. This was due to the rising waters of Lake Nasser .

There are many Temples south Aswan which you can visit by a taxi or bus like Kalabsha Temple , Beit Al Wali Temple and Kiosk of Kertassi . There are many other monuments you have to visit by Lake Nasser Cruise like Gerf Hussein temple " Ptah House", Dekka Temple , Derr Temple , Wadi Al seboua Temple , Amada Temple ; the oldest of the temples going back to the 18th dynast with restoration work from the 19th dynasty , and at last Abu simbel Temple and Kasr Ibrim.