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Pyramid of Sekhemkhet

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The unfinished pyramid of Sekhemkhet is located just southwest of the pyramid of Unas, at Sakkara.


Who built it?

It was built by Sekhemkhet, who was a pharaoh of the 3rd Dynasty and ruled for about 9 years.


Why was it built?

This pyramid was built as the ancient Egyptians believe in the resurrection. Sekhemkhet was buried in this pyramid according to the ancient Egyptian concept of life after death.



The unfinished pyramid of Sekhemkhet appears today to have a trench partly filled with sand. Some of the superstructures still remain. The perimeter wall, in a palace facade motif, can also be seen just north of the trench. The pyramid was discovered by Egyptian Egyptologist Zakaria Goneim in 1950. A scandal erupted in the late 1950's, on that same day Lauer found the object in the Cairo museum that Goneim supposedly stole. A very tragic ending to one of the most important discoveries of the Old Kingdom.