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Pyramid of Userkaf | Egypt Pyramids

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It is located at Sakkara at the northeast of Djoser's complex.

Who built it? It was built by pharaoh Userkaf, first king of the 5th Dynasty who ruled Egypt for 7 years.

Why was it built? This pyramid was built as the ancient Egyptians believe in resurrection. Userkaf was buried in this pyramid according to the ancient Egyptian concept of life after death.


The local description for the the pyramid is el-haram el-makherbish "ruined pyramid". The pyramid is not on the tourist track and requires a 30 minute track through the soft sand from the step pyramid to reach. The pyramid has been stripped of its outer casing and appears as a heap of rubble. Part of the black basalt open court floor is still visible. A satellite pyramid, 21m square, and third pyramid just south of the enclosure wall, was apparently for a queen whose name is Neferhetepes. The open courtyard appears to be in a trench several meter lower than the surrounding desert. Egyptologist are still debating the reasons why Userkaf, the founder of the 5th Dynasty , would build his pyramid on this particular location, away from the 5th Dynasty necropolis of Abusir or his predecessor Shepseskaf in south Sakkara . Userkaf wanted to be close the Djoser's step pyramid and this location is probably for political and dynastic reasons