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Pyramid of Sahure | Egypt Pyramids

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Sahure pyramid is located at Abusir.


Who built it?

It was built by Sahure, the 2nd king of the 5th dynasty who ruled Egypt for some 12 years.


Why was it built?

This pyramid was built as the ancient Egyptians believe in the resurrection.Sahure was buried in this pyramid according to the ancient Egyptian concept of life after death.



Sahure constructed the first pyramid at Abusir. A great many extremely beautiful high reliefs were found here by Borchardt when he excavated in 1902-1908. The core of the pyramid is formed with roughly shaped locally quarried limestone blocks. It consisted of five or six steps. The mortuary temple on the east side is quite well preserved with many granite pillars and blocks with Sahure's cartouche still visible. Sahure's pyramid is the first structure to greet the visitor at Abusir.