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Egypt Entry Visa | Visa Requirements to Egypt

Egypt Entry Visa is a a governmental stamp that is using in the Egyptian airports for forginers who come to Egypt Either for Tourism or any other purposes. Click to know the different kinds of Visas to Egypt through Memphis Tours!

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Entry Visa:

The entry visa is the stamp that anyone comes to Egypt should have in the passports to be able to enter Egypt.


Kinds Of Entry Visa:

A) The free visa.
The free entry visa is the stamp you can get at upon arrival for free. It is a stamp you get in your passport. The free visa is given in some cases.


1-For people who come via cruise ships to any of our Marine ports like Alexandria, the port said or Safaga. It is a stamp to show that they are on a quick trip. This stamp is valid for the days they will spend in Egypt as they will leave Egypt via the same cruise ship. If they come by a cruise ship and will leave by flight, they will have to get the multiple visas from our embassy in their country before they arrive.


2-For people who come by charter flights to Sharm El Sheikh and will stay in Sharm without getting out of Sharm El Sheikh or South Sinai till they leave back home. If they leave Sharm El Sheikh to come to Cairo for example, they will have to buy the visa from Sharm El Sheikh Airport when they arrive.

3- The Malaysians get a free visa upon arrival. It is valid for 15 days. 

B) The 25 USD visa.
This is another kind of the entry visa. You can get this visa upon arrival from any of the banks at the airport for 25 USD per person. This visa is valid for only one-time entry to Egypt for 30 days. So, if you leave Egypt and come again within this time period you will have to buy another one.

C) The Multiple visas.
This visa is issued at The Egyptian embassy in your country. This visa is valid for 6 months and you can use multiple times to enter Egypt during the 6 months.