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Pyramid of Muzghuna

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About 4.8 km south of Sneferu's Bent Pyramid.


Who built it?

Both the South Mazghuna Pyramid and the North Pyramid are attributed, solely on the grounds of a few bits of structural and archeological evidence, to Queen Sobekneferu. She reigned not quite four years and her relationship to the previous rulers has not determined with certainty. It is assumed that she was Amemmehet III's daughter and the full or half-sister- and possibly a consort- of Amemmehet IV.


Why was it built?

These pyramids were built as the ancient Egyptians believe in the resurrection.Although the pyramids substructure was completed, no one was buried in it. Moreover, neither the pyramid's superstructures nor the complex as a whole was ever completed.




The South Mazghuna Pyramid was surrounded by a wavy wall of the kind that we begin to see in earlier middle kingdom monuments. The ruins of the pyramid, heavily damaged, were investigated by Ernest MacKay in 1910. Whereas the mudbrick core can still be discerned, no trace of the limestone casing has been found. The inclination of the wall and the height of the pyramid thus remain unknown. Presumably, it basically resembled the pyramid at Hawara, though not in its dimensions. This view, as well as the attribution to Amenemhet IV, are based on the ground plan of the substructure and the way the burial chamber was built. The entrance to the underground part of the pyramid was on in the middle of the south side. The North Mazghuna Pyramid was larger than the South Pyramid, and the plan of its substructure is more advanced from a typographical point of view.