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Felucca Definition

Felucca is a traditional wooden sailing boat sail along the Nile in Egypt, the craft is reliant on wind-power with no motor. Click to know more!

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what's felucca


A felucca is a sea-craft, made according to a traditional design, with broad canvas sails. Essentially, the craft is reliant on wind-power with no motor, and are dependent upon the wind factor to propel forth, so itineraries are subject to change from time to time. The Felucca carries from 1 up to 10 persons comfortably and the deck is strewn with soft colorful cushions and rugs and equipped with a canopy that offers shade and protection from the sun. felucca sails for a trip in Cairo or if you are in Aswan, you can enjoy Felucca from Aswan to Kom Ombo, Edfu, Luxor, taking in some stops at points of interest, planned or impromptu, the peaceful routine of life aboard allows us to escape the stress of everyday life! We dock at the shoreline for dinner and later sleep under the stars and the moon

Accommodation is on the boat deck itself. There are no ablution facilities aboard, however, the captain makes regular stops en-route, for both sightseeing, ablutions and indeed swimming in safe areas of the Nile River, where the water is fast flowing and the swimmer is at minimum risk of contracting bilharzias. All meals are included in the cruise and cooked on board by the crew.

Felucca Definition


Traveling down the Nile by felucca is a 'must-do' in Egypt. The sun setting across the Nile in the evening aboard a graceful felucca can't be beaten! Please be an environmental friend. While on the Nile please place all toilet paper and sanitary items in the bags provides and we will dispose of them.


What to pack on board


If you will stay on board for nights Sleeping bag Sun-tan Lotion Bug Spray Personal towels Beach attire Cotton T-Shirts Toilet paper/ sanitary products for your journey Walkman's Warm clothes for you, it does get slightly cold in the evening and in the early hours of the morning Torch Plenty of film for your camera. Snacks for yourself throughout on board If you have a weak stomach bring some medications for Diarrhea and Vomiting with you

Drink plenty of water whilst on the felucca so you do not get dehydrated as in summer it can reach up to 41 degrees.


felucca captain and stuff


The felucca captains (crew) are totally responsible about making it sail and stop in some routes, also they cook all the meals on board

Water, soft drinks, and beer can be purchased aboard at very reasonable cost, a tally for which is kept. You are not permitted to take on board any drinks that the crew sell. Drinks for sale will be stored in a cold box and the crew will ensure they are kept icy cold. On the last day, everybody pays his or her drinks bill to the felucca captains.

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Felucca Definition


facilities on felucca


There are no toilet facilities on board. You can use the toilets provided at the sites you visit during the day, at night you are moored by the riverbank and will need to find somewhere onshore. In general, and that is why it is a real adventure, you can use the toilets in the sites (temples & museums). The general standard of public toilets, when you can find them, is to a poor hygienic standard. Most come with a water squirter for washing yourself, so always have toilet papers with you!


Entertainments on felucca


Our felucca crew entertains you with their music and dance have fun and join them, also you can play cards, read a book, swim, or help the crew in preparing the meals.


Tours on board


You Can enjoy a felucca ride through one of our Egypt Tours. Now you will have become accustomed to the traditional felucca sailing boats as we use them to visit the West Bank at Aswan and islands of the First Cataract or in Cairo Nile.