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El Mosky Cairo | Bazaars & Souks

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El Mosky Cairo was founded by prince Ezz El Din Mosk; he was a prince in the reign of Al Sultan Salah El Din El Ayobe (Saladin). The district starts from El Attaba square and parallels to Al Azhar Street until they reached Al Azhar Mosque and El Hussein Mosque. You can find every thing you had on your mind in this market as it combines all kinds of industries. The buildings on this district had a French & Belgium architectural characters, which was established in the era of Ismail Pasha influenced by European architecture especially the French, that Ismail Pasha was its fan, for example, the building of the Civil Defense and Fire Department, the Post Office Building and the building of the police station, as well as the Medical Affairs Directorate of Cairo governorate Building, which was the headquarters of the Fund imposed by the Europeans on that time to supervise Egypt spending, also the National Theater as the Egyptian Opera House, which burned in 1968 and the headquarters of the mixed court behind Opera and removed also in the establishment of the Opera garage.

El Mosky Area is considered to be an important market in Egypt as it combines all kinds of products, its streets full of home utensils and the most famous street called (Hamam El Talat) and also the house furnishings exists in El Saba' Street not only that but also you can find all kinds of fabrics in a street called Al Samak all that with a very reasonable prices. On El Mosky there are two streets, one is totally devoted for the electric instruments and the other is for chandeliers (Darb El Barabra), El Mosky is known for its prices as the merchants in this market sell all the products with retail prices. When you are walking in El Mosky you have to go to the Perfumery shops on El Mo'ez Le Din Allah Al Fatemy Street, which had all the rare and weird kinds of Perfumery, as you can find different kinds of herbs you would never heard about it from before, once you but your feet on this street you could smell the beautiful incense that almost the smell of all the streets of El Mosky.

You can find all kinds of the traditional food starting from the Beans (fol) to all kinds of stuffed vegetables like eggplant, grapes paper.etc. Also there are a very famous drink called (E'Rk SOS) sold by a man in the street whose wearing a special custom. On this area there are a lot of ancient mosques and the most famous one El Ashraf Barsbay mosque that built in year 827 AH on the Islamic style as it had the most magnificent dome. El Mosky also had clothes stores that combine different kinds and styles of outfits, any bride can go to El Mosky to get all what she needs for her wedding. El Mosky is a market is not only for the Egyptians but also the tourists as they are welcomed once they stepped in the street the vendors tried to help them to know the place easily as it had a multiple entrances and lanes.

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