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Temple of Alexander the Great

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The temple is situated in Baharia Oasis , about three miles east the old capital of al-Qasr.

Who built it ?

The temple was built by Alexander the great


Why was it built ?

The Greco Romans wished to be buried within the temple protective sphere, so they built their temples for this purpose, as well as guarantee their loyalty over Egypt .






The temple is built of sand stone and mud brick and it consists of forty five rooms.

The temple was discovered by Ahmed Fakhry, but unfortunately it was weathered by elements and most of the inscriptions and reliefs have vanished. An attempt has been made at restoration and the cracks between the stone blocks have been crudely filled with mortar.

The temple was built to commemorate Alexander's passing on his way to Siwa . One of the temple's walls has a scene shows Alexander the great offering gifts to god Amon .