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Gifton Island

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Gifton Island

Gifton Island is one of the largest islands in the Red Sea as it is the second largest island after the Shedwan Island. It is known for its rare coral reefs, colourful fish, and extraordinary birds. It includes more than 196 kinds of the solid coral reefs which represent about 80% of the biodiversity of the coral reefs in the Red Sea. Also more than 794 species of coral reefs fish.

This number of fish represents about 65% of the biodiversity of fish. Two kinds of birds that face the extinction danger threatening are found in the Gifton Island. These birds are theKittiwake and a specific kind of eagles. One of the rare turtles lives on the beaches of the Gifton Island.

Whale Shark, one of the biggest sharks, was seen near the island in the last few years. Gifton Island is a part of larger archipelago, including three islands. These islands are Abu Monqar Island, El Gifton El Kbeer and El Gifton El Sagheer. Gifton Island is characterized by rare geological compositions and rock intensity indicates that the Gifton Island dates back to more than 33 millions years.

Occupying a very distinguished touristic and economic position, GiftunIsland is one of the most important diving and naval activities spots. GiftunIslandis surrounded by 14 of the best diving spots, from 44 spots in whole Hurghada.This number represents about 31% of the diving centers in Hurghada. GiftonIslandattracts about 187512 tourists every year which represents about 12% of Red Sea Governorate visitors. GiftonIslandwas declared to be a protected area in 1995 because of its distinguished location facing directly HurghadaBeach.