Malindi Ultimate Guide

Kenya has an endless supply of beautiful locations, amazing scenery and timeless cities. One of these timeless cities is the coastal town of Malinda. To say that tourism is the very lifeline of this gorgeous coastal city would be an understatement. 


Bustling town of Malindi does not have the architecture of Lamu or the charms of Watamu, but its historical sights, its own marine park and stretches of sandy beaches make it up. The city is especially popular among Italian tourists. 


Hers is an ultimate guide to Malinda city, one of the best attractions to visit in Kenya


Interesting Facts about Malinda  


Aside from being a cardinal tourist attraction, it has also served as a waypoint and entry gate in the form of a domestic airport and a waypoint between Mombasa and Lamu.


The first written reference of Malinda comes from Abu-El-Fadi a Kurdish photographer and historian specifying the location of Malindi as situated to the south of the mouth of the river starting at the mountain of Comr hundreds of miles away.


Malinda is not only an excellent holiday and tourism destination it hosted the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama which resulted in a trade agreement which established the main reason of the prosperity in the island the export of ivory and rhino horns. 

All you Need to Know about Malindi




It is located at the mouth of the Galana River and lying on the Indian ocean and at 20 klicks aka kilometres northeast of Mombasa. 




Average temperature of Malindi rarely changes. The area has a tropical Dry Savanna climate. Temperature is hot all year round with very low chance of rain. 


Malindi experiences two rainy seasons. The long rainy season takes place in April and May, with dusting rains, starting in late March and ending through June. The short season is followed by the long dry season from July to October. 


Short rainy season then starts in November and December, before the short hot dry period in January and February. 


Best Time to Visit


Best time to visit Malindi Kenya is throughout the whole year. However, it is better to visit Malindi between mid-November to mid-April and mid-August to mid-October. 

Things to Do in Malindi 


The coastal city has something to offer everyone, from historical enthusiasts, adventurers to beach lovers. Here are some activities you can do while being in Malindi Kenya. 


1- Deep Sea Fishing


If you are enthusiastic about giving a shot at deep sea fishing, head to the Indian ocean where it is the perfect spot for your angling excursion. Adding to its charms, the combination of underwater terrain and ocean currents are what make the coast unique. 


2- Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Malindi Marine Park


Snorkeling is a must-try activity while being in the city. Diving into the waters of the Indian ocean offers a fine marine safari experience for aquatic lovers. It is the perfect way to enjoy Malindi Marine Park. Chill at the beach on the surface of the water and observe the colorful sea creatures below.


If snorkeling gives you the incredible chance to experience the view from above and see the coral reefs, scuba diving allows you to get an up-close and personal experience with the reefs. 


3- Malindi Museum


Malindi Museum is situated near the Malindi jetty. It is a two-storey building that serves as a museum for you to explore various exhibits. It will take you through the colonial history of the city. The museum also has a library and information centre.  


4- Tour Malindi


Being an idyllic seaside town, It is deeply rooted in a colorful and vibrant history that began in 1498. It is when Vasco De Gama first came to the location. Right before your eyes, you will witness the history of Milandi from the winding streets to the centuries old houses. 


5- Malinda Marine Park


It is the first protected marine national park in Kenya. It was established in 1968, and eleven years later, it was identified as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO Man & Biosphere Reserve Program.

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