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Ishasha Sector

The Ishasha sector is located in the southern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is recognized for its residential Tree climbing lions that has exceptional attraction, it’s one of the most unique safaris taken within the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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Ishasha Sector is certainly one of the very memorable destinations within Africa. It is recognized for its residential tree climbing lions that have exceptional attraction. It is one of the most unique safaris taken within the Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Ishasha Sector is the most visited safari area in Uganda, the landscape of the section is magnificent.

Why Visit Ishasha Sector


There are only two places where you can find populations of these tree-climbing lions, one being in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania and the other is the Ishasha Sector within the Queen Elizabeth national park. 


Lions are spotted hanging on branches of huge fig trees in the Ishasha sector. The males of those exceptional climbing trees lions have black manes. It is a very breathtaking sight to see, the king of the animals perched up high on one of the branches of huge fig trees in the area, lazily resting as the day goes by.


In addition to the fascinating population of lions within the Ishasha sector, there are also the huge buffalo herds, many elephants that have settled there and watch out for the huge number of hippos available in the Ishasha area. 



The Ishasha sector is located in the southern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

How to Get There


The sector is 8-9 hours’ drive from Kampala. There are also a lot of connection points from other destinations that will give a chance to access the sector.


From the Buhoma sector of Bwindi forest, the sector is accessible via a2-3 hours’ drive.


From Lake Mburo National Park, it is an approximate 6-7 hour drive. In addition, from the Mweya peninsula of Queen Elizabeth is about a 2 hour drive to Ishasha sector.



Dry Season


The sector experiences a dry season and a wet season. The dry season begins from June to February. During these months, the roads are easier to access, and the animals are easier to find. 


June is the peak season when a remarkable number of tourists visit the area. 


Wet Season


The Wet Season initiates in October and finishes by May. The rainy season is the low season in the park. Some accommodation might close during this time, especially between March and May.

Best Time to Visit


The sector is open all year round to all visitors. However, the best time to visit the sector is during the dry season when there is little rain to ruin the adventure. The access to the park is really easy during this season because the roads are dry and not slippery. 


It is when the savannah grasses is clear and open entertaining the travelers with amazing views of the tree climbing lions as well as clear view to observe their behavior patterns of life in the jungle.


The rainy season has its perks as well. It is an off season when very few travelers visit Africa for the Uganda safaris. As a result, there will be  less occupancy and crowds at accommodation facilities. Besides, the accommodation price is lower than the peak season.