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Gorilla Statue Information

Gorilla Statue, having two images of a female and male gorilla, is the first giant monument that reflects Rwanda’s tourism.


The statue is very famous among the Rwanda’s locals, as it has great value. If you are planning to visit Rwanda the gorilla statue is a must-see. 



The exact location of the Gorilla Statue is between Kigali City Council (KCC) offices, the Finance Ministry, and Commercial Bank of Rwanda (BCR). 


Facts about Gorilla Statue


The statue weighs 200 kilograms, and it’s made entirely of soap, it is 1.9 meters tall. The statue is made of marble and it represents the great importance the Gorillas have on the national economy of Rwanda.

History of Gorilla Statue


The Park Safaris in Canada donated the statue. Afterwards, the statue was named Digit after Dian Fossey’s favorite gorilla. Dian Fossey was an American zoologist who spent 18 years studying gorillas in Virunga National Park.


The Digit was made by an unknown artist who worked in the industry about 21 years ago. The name Digit is a very important addition to the museum as it drives more tourists to the unique piece that survived throughout the historical period of Rwanda. 


Alphonse Umulisa, the Director General of the Institute of the National Museums of Rwanda, commended Sulfo’s contribution to the museum’s archive. Besides, he encouraged the community to donate to the museum important historical pieces they may come upon.