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Ultimate Nyanza Guide

One of the many items hidden within the treasure trove that is rwanda. The town of Nyzana offers a historic look into the country and truly authentic experience of Rwandan culture.

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Also known as Nyabisindu, Nyanza town is one of the many traditional and truly authentic cities of Rwanda.


Nyanza is the administrative capital of the Southern Province and the eighth largest city in Rwanda. The highlight of the region lies in its cultural heritage, which undoubtedly merits a stopover en route to Nyungwe National Park.




Nyanza is located in the Nyanza district situated in the southern province of Rwanda.


How to Get There


To access this hidden gem of a city is a turn of the main road that connects Kigali to Huye. 


The town is a two and a half hour bus ride from Kigali, one and a half-hour ride from Muhaga, one hour ride to Huye with the main bus companies transporting to Nyanza being Volcano and Horizon.

Why to Visit Nyanza 


Evhe road connecting the town centre to the old and unused high court is specifically attractive and a true thing of beauty, a boulevard lined with flowering trees and shrubs. 


Umwami Palace 


Another Nyanza landmark is the palace of the last umwami (king) of Rwanda located within walking distance of the town centre. 


There the home of the former king can be seen with all its glory side by side to the more modern establishments built steps away by the Belgian colonizers. 


Inyambo Cattle


Another highlight of visiting the city is the eccentric inyambo cattle with their supersized hefty ivory white horns. Nyzana is a small town that packs a punch and has a lot to offer to the adventurous visitor.


King’s Palace 


King’s Palace is worth a visit while in Nyanza. It is a reconstruction of the traditional royal residence, marvelously crafted and shaped like a beehive. 


At the back live a few long-horned Ankole cattle, descended from the king’s herd, whose keepers carefully tend and sing to them.