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Rwanda's Gisenyi Beach Guide

Rwanda is home to many exotic and exciting places but few can match the captivating beauty of Gisenyi. A complex of beach shores and Hotels its time to put dome sunburn on ad bath in the crisp sun.     

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Rwanda is an exotic paradise of modern developing cities, lovely flora and fauna, authentic and timely towns and last but not least captivating beaches and coastal cities. One of Rwanda’s exotic beaches is Gisenyi Beach. 


Gisenyi beach is the perfect destination to relax and explore a piece of paradise on the tranquil lakeside beaches, water sports, mountains while enjoying great Rwandan hospitality. 


Location: Rubavu district in Rwanda's western province. 

Opening Hours: From 07:00 am to 11:00 pm.Other hours are available only by special request with reception by telephone, email or in person.

Why to Visit Gisenyi Beach 


Close to the City


From the city, it is just a short walk. Amenities like the bus station are close by.


Trekking Nyiragongo Volcano


From the border with DRC, the hostel is a 1 km and a perfect base for trekking up Nyiragongo Volcano to spot the world's largest crater lake.


Excellent Accommodation


Gisenyi Beach offers beautifully designed dormitories or private rooms with ensuite bathroom, ideal for travellers, friends and families. 


Most of the rooms have views over the gardens or Lake Kivu. Rooms have beds, bedding, bathrooms, basic toiletries, cupboards, while towels and lockers are available on request, with a small fee. 


It is a great way for visitors to enjoy Gisenyi's most affordable, quality accommodation, food, drinks, high speed internet and the finest standards of service, besides getting in touch with Rwandan people. 


Brewery & Shopping Malls


Not just a multiplex of beaches and resorts the city also hosts the Barlirwa, which is the only brewery in all of Rwanda that manufactures a line of local beer brands such as  Mutzig, Amstel, Guinness including a range of Coca-Cola branded soft drinks. 


Aside from the shores and brewery the city is going through rapid growth paved roads sidewalks and a shopping mall in the works things look sunny side up for Gisenyi.


Surviving Wonder


Unlike Goma, Gisenya was able to survive the lava flows of both the 1977 and the 2002 eruptions. That caused the destruction of approximately 15 to 40 per cent with the heart of Gisenyi located at the foothills of the northeast corner of the lake with the northeast expansion in the hills to further protect it from any possible future eruption.