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Lake Manyara National Park Guide

The lake Manyara national park is a gem in the packed treasury of Tanzania with beautiful scenery and abundant with game.

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Vivid forestry and Fascinating animals are the beating heart of Tanzania. With a need to protect what is precious the conception of  Lake Manyara National Park was realized and put to action. 


The lake is very well known for the tree climbing lions, the biggest population of elephants in Tanzania, and the soda ash lake attracting thousands and thousands of flamingos. Visiting Lake Manyara National Park will definitely add to your Tanzania Safari.



The park is located in the northern part of Tanzania, 126 kilometers west of Arusha town.


Getting There


By Air


1- You can get to Lake Manyara National Park by flying into the Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA). It is situated 46 kilometres from Arusha. 


2- It is also an option to fly to Arusha Airport (ARK) while flying the Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in Dar es Salaam.


3- Lake Manyara Airport (LKY) is situated at the top of the rift wall.


4- Charter flights are available from Arusha and Serengeti to Manyara’s airstrip. Then, it is a 10 minute drive to the park. 


By Road


Lake Manyara National Park is located southwest of Arusha, so it is easily accessible from Arusha. lt lies 126 kilometres (78 miles). The park is also accessible from Bahati, the capital of Manyara region. 


One can take a road trip by car to the new road from Arusha,1.5 or 2 hours to the entrance gate. 


Most people take a circuit by a safari vehicle, considering that Manyara Park is on the way to Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti.  



The park enjoys a mixed climate between the pouring months of the rainy season and the less generous months of the also rainy season. The long rainy season takes place from March to May with the climax hitting at the month of April while the short one lasts from November to December.


Manyara’s dry season starts from June and ends with September.


As a result of the variant climate in the area, the vegetation is not only extremely divergent but is amazingly gorgeous with over 670 flowering plants and fern species recorded in the area. 


Best Time to Visit 


The best time to visit Lake Manyara National Park is all year round, as wildlife viewing is good forever. However, the best game viewing is during the dry season, from late June to October. The animals will gather around the water sources and the grass is shorter making it easy for wildlife observing.  


During the rainy season, March and April, the wildlife viewing will still be good, as migratory bird species are found around this time of year. The trip costs also become lower during the rainy season. 

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Wildlife of Lake Manyara National Park


Packing a heavy punch, the park offers an exposure of mammals, birds, fish, and butterflies, rare animals such as Lilac-breasted rollers, Thomson's Gazelle, Black rhinos and so much more.


What distinguishes Lake Manyara National Park from other parks in Tanzania is not the concentration of wildlife, but rather the unique species that make it worth a visit. 


The park’s highlight attractions are the famous tree climbing lions. The reason why they climb these trees is unknown, but watching the majestic lions relaxing on trees is definitely magnificent. 


The park is also well known for its huge population of elephants and baboons. Its varied landscape provides an impressive range of other wildlife such as wildebeest, buffalo, hippo, zebra, warthog, waterbuck, giraffe, flamingo and impala. The birdlife is also quite impressive in the park, especially raptors.

Things to Do in Lake Manyara National Park 


1- Night Drives


This is the only park in northern Tanzania that allows night drives. It is worth staying overnight in the park and enjoying the wildlife viewing at night. 


2- Game Drives


Game drive in Lake Manyara National Park is an essential activity to experience your Tanzania safari. There are a number of different areas to explore in the park, although it might be the smallest park in Tanzania. 


3- Nature Walks


Usually nature walks are not offered to guests in national parks, but specific areas like Manyara national park have the permission to show the guests the area on foot. 


4- Bike Rides


Bike rides to a local village is part of visiting another country where you can meet and interact with the people and know about their culture.