Ultimate Entebbe Uganda Guide

Uganda is home to many modern, vivid, busy and wonderful cities. Once the capital of Uganda, Entebbe Uganda is definitely and without a doubt one of those exceptional cities. 

Interesting Facts about Entebbe Uganda


  • Entebbe was once the seat of government and protectorate over Uganda before its 1962 independence.
  • Entebbe proudly hosts the Entebbe International airport, the largest commercial and military airport in Uganda also known for the thrilling breaking scene of the rescue of 100 kidnapped hostages in the hands of the PFLP-EO Group. 
  • The name of this fascinating city is originally derived from the word Entebbe which means seat or chair; this stems from the fact that in the 1900s it was the swat of the colonial governor at the time.



Entebbe is located in Central Uganda on a Lake Victoria peninsula, nearly 37 kilometers Southwest of the Ugandan Capital Kampala


Best Time to Visit 


The best time to visit Entebbe Uganda is between January to September. It is when the temperature is pleasant and has low or no rainfall. The highest average temperature in the city is 25°C in January while the lowest is 23°C in April.

Things to Do in Entebbe Uganda


Entebbe is not only a land of culture history and welcoming individuals it has its own set of tourist attractions too. Here are some things to do while being in Entebbe Uganda.


1- Entebbe Botanical Gardens


Situated 5 minutes from Karibu, Botanical Gardens is a must have experience for flora and fauna exploring lovers. The gardens are home to over 300 varieties of plant species.


Besides it has an abundance of birdlife, Black and White Colobus and Vervet Monkeys. The rainforest zone was used as a backdrop during filming of the “Tarzan” movie in 1940.


2- Uganda Wildlife Education Centre


Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) is a centre for the breeding and rehabilitation of native Ugandan animals that have been rescued from poachers or illegal traders, or animals that were rescued from injury in their wild habitats. 


After healing the injured animals, the centre releases them back into the wild. The efforts of the centre does not stop at that. They also educate the people of Uganda about the significance of their local animals. 


You can visit Uganda Wildlife Education Centre for a tour to see Uganda’s rare animals like the shoebill stork, rhino, chimpanzee, ostrich and hyena.

3- Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was founded by Jane Goodall Institute in 1998. It is a refugee for over 40 rescued chimpanzees. 


You can pay a visit to the island as a half-day trip, starting from 9 am or 1 pm. It is also an option to experience the chimpanzees, but make sure to book it beforehand. 


4- Sport Fishing on Lake Victoria


This activity better be done with a small group of people, 3 to 4, as it splits the cost of renting the boat. Half day or full day trips are available on the lake to fish for the Nile Perch, which is known for their size and fishing. 


5- Visit the Beach


Entebbe Uganda has the best and most popular beaches in Uganda. Some of them include White Sand Beach, Sport Beach,  Aero Beach, Lido Beach and many others. 


The hotels have their own beaches as well like Anderita and Botanical Beach hotels. Beaches are most enjoyable during weekends. They will be full of revelers from Kampala and the nearby towns. All beaches have music in the background while some or organize boat cruises for visitors. 

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