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Tumbatu Island Guide

Tumbatu Island is part of Tanzania in East Africa, The island is located off the north-west coast of Zanzibar's main island.

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Tumbatu Island is part of Tanzania in East Africa, it has two islands in the south, Jongowe, and Kichangani. The island is one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania. It is a destination that must be seen. Annual visitors would enjoy snorkeling the beautiful beach of Tumbatu Island, seeing the lighthouse and having a lovely walk on the beach.

About Tumbatu Island 


Historically, the island interests islanders who belong to the Shirazi ethnic group. The Shirazi people, also known as Mbwera, are an ethnic group inhabiting the Swahili coast and the nearby Indian Ocean islands.


There is also the Tumbatu Lighthouse located in Zanzibar, Tanzania, it’s one of the oldest lighthouses in the country it’s a six-stage tower that is located in the northern tip of the island. 

All You Need to Know Tumbatu Island




The island is located off the north-west coast of Zanzibar's main island.


Best Time to Visit


During the short rains in November and December, downpours are followed by blue skies. It’s only very wet during the peak of the long rains in April and May.


Being the third largest island making up the Zanzibar Archipelago, the best time to visit Tumbatu Island is during the dry season, from July to September. It is very popular to travel during this time.  


However, as with most of Uganda, it is worthwhile to visit the island during any time of the year. The average temperature is between 28°C and 34°C, with sunshine. 




There are plenty of accommodation choices to choose from in Tumbatu Island. However, Aluna Nungwi, Coccobello Zanzibar, Village View Hostel are the top rated hotels in Tumbatu. 




The main transportation method in Tumbatu island is bicycles as there are no vehicles on the island.

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Things to Do in Tumbatu Island


Tumbatu Island is a very charming island in Zanzibar. It has something to offer everyone. It is a great place for beach lovers who want to have a tranquil time experience. It also serves a great deal for adventurers who like to explore and discover. 


 For beach lovers, the island is a great place to chill, relax and enjoy a sunny day on the sandy beach. 


For adventurers, they can explore the island’s sea treasures by having uninterrupted sessions of diving and snorkeling, where they will get introduced to the hidden secrets of the Indian ocean.