Kigali Rwanda

The Cultural, economical and transportation hub for a booming Rwanda Kagali offers more than just modern transportation it offers an experience of a lifetime.

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Kigali Rwanda, being the largest and capital city of exotic country, has also been the central economic, transportation and cultural hub since the country's independence in 1962. 


Rwanda is a rising giant amongst the peninsula with a thriving economy, raising living standards and more . In the heart of this boom lies the industrial and cultural hub of Rwanda's capital Kigali. 


The city comprises three administrative districts, the first being Nyarugenge in the south West, the second is Kicukiro in the south-east and last but not least Gasabo which is situated in the northern half of the city.



The city is located in the centre of Rwanda sharing boundaries with the northern, eastern and southern provinces. 




The climate in Kigali Rwanda falls under the criteria of the temperature tropical highland weather with lower temperatures than what's considered standard for tropical countries because of its high elevation. 


The city's daily average temperature usually falls between 12 and 27 degrees celsius with little to no variation throughout the year. 


Kigali Rwanda has two rainy seasons the first running from February to June and the second is from September to December. Dry seasons last from June to September where there is often no rain and from December to February. 


Best Time to Visit


The best time to travel to Kigali Rwanda is between June, July, August and September. It is warmer and drier weather compared to other months. 

Things to Do in Kigali Rwanda


1- Akagera National Park


A two hour drive from Kigali, you will reach Akagera National Park. The park is extremely charming. It was not easy for Akagera, with the human-wildlife conflict wiping out many animal species over time for lands being needed for agricultural use. 


However, thanks to the efforts of the conservation teams, the park has been repopulated and many different animals including leopards, lions, and elephants are spotted.


2- Mount Bisoke


Mount Bisoke lies 3 hours from Kigali. It is also known as Mount Visoke, in the Virunga Mountains. The mountain is elevated at 3,711 meters high and is a steep and challenging trek.


However, the main attraction is the crater lake at the top of the mountain. It is the largest lake in the region.

3- Volcanoes National Park


To the northwest of Kigali city, there is the exotic Volcanoes National Park, 2 hours drive away. The park is home to the endangered mountain gorilla. 


Visitors can spend the day trekking in the forest and spot very human-like creatures in their natural habitat. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be missed while being in Kigali.


4- Inema Arts Center


Inema Arts Center provides various artworks on display from a number of Rwanda’s talents, besides you can see the artists at work in the studio.


If you are interested in purchasing locally made items from local artisans, you can attend one of their events, and even attain a new skill, such as drumming or dancing.

5- Kigali Genocide Memorial


Visitng Kigali Genocide Memorial is a great way to understand the reasons behind the devastating Rwandan genocide. It was a conflict that caused the death of some 800,000 people, most of whom were members of the Tutsi ethnic minority, in just 100 days. 


The Kigali Genocide Memorial was established in the memory of the victims and to educate locals and visitors on the atrocities to ensure that this never happens again. It’s an enlightening but upsetting experience.


6- Kimironko Market


Kimironko Market is the largest and busiest market in Kigali. It works as an incredible afternoon of sightseeing. 


Hundreds of vendors set up shop in the huge warehouse complex, offering everything from bed sheets and carved masks to a cornucopia of produce sourced from all over East Africa. 

7- Nyamirambo Women's Center


Head to Nyamirambo Women's Center, if you want to buy truly heartwarming souvenirs, swung by the Nyamirambo Women's Center.


The women-founded organization launched the business in late 2007 to address gender inequality and empower women’s work.


Visitors can shop and pick up unique printed tote bags, hand-woven baskets in every shape and size, patterned place mats, crocheted rugs, beaded jewelry, and local-inspired fashions.


8- Hôtel des Mille Collines


Located in the Central Business District, Hôtel des Mille Collines is one of the most famous sites in Kigali and all Rwanda. 


The hotel was a shelter to hundreds of people during the Rwandan genocide. They hid in groups of 10 in unnumbered rooms and relied on the pool for drinking water. 


Tourists may be familiar with the story from the 2004 fictional film, Hotel Rwanda.