Darajani Market Guide

Darajani Market or Bazaar is considered one of the main markets in Stone Town. Before entering the market, on the outside streets, it is often where some of the best actions take place. It is where visitors will find vendors selling all sorts of goods like plastic toys and interesting items.

Interesting Facts about Darajani Market


  • Darajani Market was established in 1904 but later it was extended and restored.
  • It is also known as Estella Market.
  • It was named after the countess Estella, the sister of Lloyd Mathews, the Prime Minister of Zanzibar.



Darajani Market is located on the edge of the ancient lanes of Stone Town, Zanzibar. The Specific location of the Darajani Bazaar is in Darajani Road, in the surroundings of the Anglican Cathedral of Christ.


Arriving at Darajani Market after walking the narrow lanes of Stone Town, it will feel like emerging from a cave.

Things to Buy at Darajani Market 


Darajani Bazaar is mainly a food market. It simply has it all from spices, fresh fish, seafood, meat and chicken. 


There are also shops for mobile phones, clothes and plastic buckets. It’s a series of covered halls overflowing into the surrounding streets. 


If you would like to buy food it’s recommended to go in the morning when the stuff is fresh, although it will be much busier you will not regret once you try the taste of the food.


The market is pretty organized, so shopping there is quite easy.


1- Fruits and Vegetables


There is a full section for fruits and vegetables. There is a huge variety of tropical fruits available almost every day. However, some fruits can be a little overripe.


There are fruits that are widely common like bananas, jackfruit, avocados, certain types of oranges, and pineapples.

2- Spices


Spices are a common thing to sell in the Darajani Market. There are vendors who sell Zanzibar spices, only little spice amounts. For those who want to buy a real deal of spices, other vendors sell huge quantities of spices. 

3- Meat 


Basically including beef and goat meat, the meat section is not the perfect smelling section. However, it is worth a visit. 


The fish market auction area is a pretty popular one. It is recommended to go early in the morning, so that you can see some magnificent sailfish or sharks. 


Additionally, octopus is well known in Zanzibar. It is widely consumed. It is served in many ways: grilled or in a coconut milk based curry. 


There is also another type of popular fish in Zanzibar, which is called Changuu. It is very common to be eaten on the coast. It is also available in Dar Es Salaam Fish Market. 

4- Beyond Food Shopping


Tourists will also find several stalls catering that sell packs of spice and other souvenirs. Additionally, there are shops and stalls from where visitors can buy clothes, shoes, DVDs, electrics and household goods. It is worth a visit especially in the area known as Kanga St, where shops sell colourful local prints and fabrics of all kinds.

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