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Lake Kivu is one of the great lakes in Africa, it’s location is between the Republic of Congo and the Albertine Rift, it’s approximately 90 km long, the total surface area is around 2,700 square kilometer making it the 8th biggest lake in Africa, the lake is a height of 1,460 meters above sea level and the maximum depth of the lake is 220 meter.

Lake Kivu is a freshwater lake, around the lake geologists, have found evidence of local extinctions about every thousand years, volcanic activity is suspected.
The chemical gaseous composition of exploding is unique from one lake to another, Lake Kivu includes methane and carbon dioxide, as a result of the water interaction with a volcano.

Methane extraction:
Recently around 55 billion cubic meters has been found in Lake Kivu, on 2004 there was an extraction of gas that was done in the lake and the extracted gas has been used to run boilers at the bralirwa brewery which is located in Gisenyi.
The Lake Kivu is currently poor with only 28 described species of fish, the stock of the Lake Tanganyika sardine was estimated at 2000-4000 tons per year.
Some of the species that Lake Kivu is home for is freshwater crab, including Potamonautes Iirrangensis, Potamonautes mutandensis, P.bourgaultae and P. idjwiensis.

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