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Mugesera Lake

Rwanda manages to be one of the lushest countries out there in Africa. It is blessed with gorgeous views, various hiking trails, an exciting capital, and so many diverse ecosystems that makes this small East African nation into an incredibly unique one.


Lake Mugesera is one of Rwanda’s charming lakes that offer a chance to the most water-focused tourists to enjoy the beauty.



The region around the lake was settled by the Hondogo lineage of Tutsi people and pastoralists who had formed an independent state.


The Tutsi migrated to Virunga region of Rwanda during the 16th centuries, settling between Lake Mugesera and Lake Muhazi. They acquired power gradually in most of the region of modern Rwanda while intermarrying with the Hutu and becoming culturally assimilated by them.

Why to Visit Lake Mugesera 


It is a Relaxing Getaway


Lake Mugesera is highly recommended as it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Rwanda.  Mugesera is definitely worthy of a relaxing weekend escape. The breathtaking view of the lake in the sunny days cannot be described.


It is a Great boating and fishing location


Although swimming is an option in Lake Mugesera, several crocodile sightings in recent years have made the lake better enjoyed as a boating and fishing location.


Other animals in the lake include water turtles, monitors, snakes and otters.  



The lake is located in the Eastern Province, Rwanda. The exact location of the lake is in the central Plateau, southeast of Kigali.  




The temperature in Lake Mugesera is comparatively due to the elevation. The climate from March to May and again from September to December marks the rainy season. 


During the rainy season, the lake is fed up by rivers and minor streams originating on the ridges of the north, east and south and that is what delivers most of the rain.


Water temperature is generally around 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) and the fish are abundant in the rainy season.