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Cheetah's Rock Guide

Cheetah’s Rock is not a zoo, it’s mostly the antonym of a zoo, it's also highly recommended as a must-visit location in Tanzania. Visiting the Cheetah’s Rock is once in a lifetime experience. It’s a unique place where people have direct interactions with the animals. 

About Cheetah’s Rock


Cheetah’s Rock does not identify itself as a zoo or a sanctuary, it could be described as a wildlife school as there are no signs of animal cruelty. They train animals through positive conditioning, animals are asked to do certain tasks and then rewarded with praise and food. 


The animals live in large spaces, exercise, eat properly and are never forced to use drugs or treated in a violent way to perform the task. 


Why Visit Cheetah’s Rock


Besides enjoying the breathtaking location tourists get to receive substantial information about animal welfare and wildlife conservation and endangered species and the behavior of various animal species. 


The tourists are welcomed to take as many photos as they can get, Cheetah’s rock introduces wildlife in a different, close and interactive way.


Booking a Tour to Cheetah’s Rock 


Any tour takes up to 37 guests as a maximum number of guests per each tour and the minimum age limit is 15 years old, you will get to see a large variety of wild animals and indulge in the experience of seeing a unique set of wildlife creatures.



Cheetah’s Rock is located near Kama Village on the West Coast North of Stone Town and South of Nungwi in Zanzibar.


Climate & Best Time to Visit


Being located in Zanzibar, Cheetah’s Rock Zanzibar experiences two rainy seasons. The long rainy season lasts from March to June and peaks in April and May, dusting off by the end of June. 


The short rainy season takes place in the months of November and December. During the rest of the year it has little rain or no rain. During the wet season, the rain is very low everyday and not all times of the day. There are days when the sky is clear and sunshine fills the town.   


Cheetah’s Rock has two dry seasons. The cool dry one occurs from June to October whereas the humid hot dry season lasts from January to February. During the cool dry season, temperatures tend to remain high. 


The cool dry season is the best time to visit Cheetah’s Rock. It is when the weather is warm and humid. In addition, it goes along with the school holiday in America and Europe.