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The Mysteries of Ssese Islands

Uganda can compete with is African brethren when it comes to its flora and fauna but non-other can compete with its splendid Ssese islands. Discover more about these exotic islands.

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Uganda is able to compete with African brethren when it comes to its flora and fauna same goes in the case of its islands as well. Ssese Islands is one of the many Captivating and Exotic islands of Uganda.

General Facts about Ssese Islands 




Ssese Islands is located in the northwest corner of Lake Victoria, the largest freshwater lake in the whole world. 




The Islands’ size is from less than 10,000 square meters to more than 40 km in length. 




The locals speak Luganda, but outside of the Kalangala Bay area, the locals don't speak English.


How to Get There


Getting to the Ssese Islands is not a mere stroll but the island can be accessed in many ways. The most popular route being the route accessed through Nakiwogo near Entebbe.


There are two ferries from Bugala, the first one takes 3.5 hours and departs at 8am daily. The second one travels from Bukakata and has 4 daily departures: 8am, 11:30am, 1:30pm and 4pm.

Ssese Islands in a Glance


The biggest island in this exotic archipelago of islands is by far the island of Kalangala. The island clusters can be divided into two groups. The southwest group for the sake of reference can be named the Bugala group and the Northeast group will be the Komme group isolated from one another by the Komme Channel.


The islands are primarily inhabited by Bantu speaking local tribes, as before the arrival of the Europeans, the island served as a cardinal spiritual center in the region. 

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Why you Should Visit Ssese Islands 


Visitors are just discovering the natural wealth of the archipelago, contributing in a new and growing tourism. Ssese Islands are home to many animal species (including primates) that are not easily spotted in the mainland. 

Wildlife in Ssese Islands


On Buggala Island, you can find hippos in a swamp near Mulabana. The islands are filled with birds and it's common to see vervet monkeys. You might even see large snakes.


Buggala Island is home to hippos in a swamp near Mulabana. Many species of monkeys reside in the islands. It is very common to spot vervet monkeys. Besides, the island includes a number of sitatunga antelopes. You might even get the chance to see large snakes.


Lake Victoria has hippos and nile crocodiles, but it is hard to spot them. 


The islands are also filled with many bird species. As Uganda has 6.8 percent of the world’s share of butterfly species, be prepared to see a number of extraordinary butterflies in all colors. 

Things to Do in Ssese Islands 

1- Animal and Bird Watching


The Islands are home to many animal species, like hippos, monkeys and antelopes. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the fauna there. 


Besides, birdwatching is a popular activity to do there. Butterflies spotting is a must. As mentioned before, Uganda has almost 7 percent of the world’s butterflies. So, get ready to see butterflies in all shapes and colors. 


2- Chill at the Beach 


Relaxing on a Ssese Islands beach should be on your bucket list. The beaches are great for having some relaxing time while reading a book or enjoying a romantic stroll. 


At nights, the beaches get hyped and glow with bonfires and beach parties, so it is not only about the relaxing mornings. 


3- Bike Riding


Cycling enthusiasts will have a great time going on a biking ride on the beach, specifically the popular circuit to Mutumbula. The islands are full of trails, so the experience is entertaining. You will be lucky to spot exotic creatures like Sitatunga Antelope while on your ride.