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Mbale City

You know that a city is crucial to the country's financial well being when it has all the core institutions. The Ancient City of Mbale in Uganda is an example of such reverence.

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Mbale City is considered one of the most ancient cities of Uganda yet a modern and progressive country hosting and acting as a financial hub for the many financial institutions in the city.


The city serves as the main municipal, administrative and financial center of the Mbale district.


Location: the eastern side of Uganda

Elevation:1,156 meters

About Mbale City


Located nearly 225 Klicks aka kilometers by road to the northwest of Kampala Uganda's capital, Mbale City it is the most ancient city with an all-weather tarmac highway.


The city also lies at the western foot of the extinct volcano Mount Elgon (4,321 metres), 75 miles (120 km) northeast of Jinja.


It is situated in a fertile coffee-growing region which makes Mbale city an agricultural trade centre and the site of one of Uganda’s principal dairies. 


Although Mbale is a beautiful Ugandan city, it is the headquarters for a lot of sensitive financial, administrative and municipal institutions, making its access to some areas limited.

Why to Visit Mbale City


There are an extraordinary amount of interesting sites and intuitive landmarks, some financial, some educational municipal but all are a representation of how much Mbale has progressed over the years. 


Some of these riveting sites are Mbale Central Market, Mbale Municipal Stadium, Livingstone International University, Islamic University in Uganda, the national Social Security Fund and so on and so forth.

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