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Fort Portal Uganda Guide

 A historic city and hub for healthcare, higher education and so much more Fort Portal is a must-see attraction when visiting Uganda.

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Uganda is filled to the brim with multiple exotic, modern, interesting, vibrant and lovely cities but few can claim the title of designated "Tourism city of Uganda". Fort Portal Uganda can claim this title proudly without hesitation.  

About Fort Portal


The city towers above the ground with an elevation of 1,523 meters above sea level. Based on the latest census performed in August of 2014 the population increased from 41,000to 54275. However what Fort portal lacks in population it compensates in local charm and tight-knit communities. 



Located about 180 Klicks aka kilometers northwest of Mabara, the largest city in the western region and an approximate 297 kilometers by road west of Kampala. 


How to Get There


Kampala is 311 kilometers and it takes a 4 hour drive. The Kampala Mbarara road which was tarmacked in 2007 is in excellent condition. 




Average temperature in Fort Portal does not vary almost at all. Due to the humidity, temperatures feel hot most months of the year. The climate has a low chance of precipitation most of the year. 


The hottest months to visit Fort Portal during are February, March, followed by May. The warmest time to visit the city is from early to mid February, where high temperatures are around 88.3°F (31.3°C) while low temperatures drop below 65.8°F (18.8°C) at night.

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Things to Do in Fort Portal 


While being in Uganda, Fort Portal is worth a visit as there are many things to do there in the city. 


1- Queen Elizabeth National Park


While being in Uganda, visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park is once in a lifetime opportunity. 


The park is home to 95 mammal species. Lions climbing the trees are not found much outside Uganda. It also has over 600 bird species, the largest bird population in all Africa. Birds include the African skimmer, Pink-backed pelicans, Papyrus canary, Shoebill stork, Chapin's flycatcher, martial eagle, black-rumped buttonquail and the great flamingos.

2- Amabere Caves


Located some five miles from Fort Portal on the Bundibugyo Road, Amabere Caves are worth a visit. However, it better be a part of an extended walk in the area which would also include the waterfall at Amabere as well as the three local crater lakes. 


There you can stand behind the waterfall and enjoy a great experience and swim in the small pool. 


3- Semuliki National Park 


Semuliki National Park is somehow different from other national parks in Uganda as it is not much about the animal wildlife. The park is home to 442 different bird species and 53 mammals. However, the main attractions there are the birds and the hot springs. 


While being there, Mungillo Waterfall is worth a visit and experience swimming along with bird watching. 

4- Kibale National Park 


Kibale National park is one of the most charming parks in Uganda featuring terrain ranging from tropical forests to sweeping savannah along with the woodlands on the Rift Valley floor.


The highlight of Kibale National Park is Chimpanzee tracking experience. In addition, a walk at the Kanyanchu Primate is a great chance to spot 13 species of chimpanzees going about their daily routines. 


5- Lake Albert


Named in honor of Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert who had died three years previously, the lake is worth a visit. The lake is sourced by water from the Semliki River in the south and from the Victoria Nile in the northern end.