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Katavi National park

Embark on an unduplicated adventure in the Katavi national park and its constant stream of wildlife

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Spread over a daunting 4,471 klicks or kilometers, Katavi National Park ranks as the third-largest national park in Tanzania. Aside from the vast territory mentioned previously, the park also encompasses the Katuma River and the seasonal lake of Katavi and the floodplains of Lake Chada. 


The park is known for its huge herds mostly consisting of Zebras, Giraffes, Buffaloes and so much more to discover. 

Wildlife in Katavi National Park


Ranking the third-largest national park in Tanzania, Katavi National Park is a habitat for a vast and distinctly variant assortment of animals including large herds of animals such as wildebeest, giraffes, and that's just part of the list. 


The park also claims a high level of biodiversity not just in the spectrum of animals it houses but also on a botanical level. This safe haven of animal and plant life, however, is subject to a steady decline believed to be a result of illegal hunting and poaching.

Things to Do in Katavi National Park


1- Game Viewing


The main activity to enjoy at Katavi is game viewing. It can be done on both game drives and guided walking safaris. 


What makes it really worth going on a game drive in the park is that you will rarely come across any other humans. Walking safaris are a must when you are in Katavi. It is your chance to explore the bush, sights, sounds and aroma.  


2- Fly Camping 


Enjoy fly camping or bush camping in Katavi National Park where tents are set up in the bush at a temporary campsite. It is an experience to live in the wild. There will no be no flushing, toilets or showers and food will be cooked over fire.


It is a chance to spend a unique evening chatting around, enjoying the night sky while listening to the calls of the wild animals around. 


3- Historical Tour


Katavi is not just about the wildlife and game drives. The park also has something to offer for history and culture enthusiasts. The historical sites in the park include Stone and Iron Age sites in addition to sacred sites such as the Katabi Tree, where the Wabende spirit, Katabi, lives.

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All You Need to Know about Katavi National Park




Katavi National Park is located in the Katavi region, southwest Tanzania, east of Lake Tanganyika.


How to Get There


The park is accessible from either Arusha or Dar es Salaam via light aircraft. It is only a 4 to 5 hour flight.




As all areas in Tanzania, Katavi National Park has wet season and dry season. November to May marks the wet season in the park whereas the dry season takes place from June to October. 


Best Time to Visit


The best time to visit Katavi is during the dry season, from June to October. It is when the animals are more visible. 


They gather around the water sources in herds, making it the best time to enjoy the perfect wildlife viewing. The raw savagery of natural law limits the populations to sustain the eternal balance between predator and prey. 


Traveling during the rainy season, from November to May, has its perks as well. It is the time where resident bird species are in breeding plumage, nesting and rearing their young. 


This is the perfect time to observe them. Besides, more than 400 migratory species visit the park at that time as well.